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59,000 words

Change of Direction

Having decided Solo Ads were not a good fit for driving traffic to my blog, this week I changed direction and turned my attention to Pinterest.

Before I get into Pinterest a quick word about my decision. Normally I would advise sticking at something for a while before changing direction or giving up, but in this case it was clear that Solo ads were NOT the right solution for driving traffic to a blog (they are great for driving traffic to a lead magnet).


Pinterest is a social media platform based on pinning images on a board that might capture someone’s interest.

Topics range from home renovation plans to travel inspiration, from fashions to passions,  and much more.

Users can browse, save, and share collections of images and videos, known as Pins, on virtual boards.

These Pins can link back to websites, making Pinterest a valuable tool for driving web traffic.

Forty Short pinterest page

My approach

So on the 19th of Feb, I posted my first ‘Pins’.

I created two ‘Boards’.

One to promote my book. “Unplugged and Outside” a collection of ideas for families who want to enjoy being together out doors


One to drive traffic to my Forty Short Blog.

All the Pins have links back to specific webpages such as a blog post or a youtube video.

A picture Paints a Thousand Words

To date I have posted 59 pins, so if that is true, I have in effect posted the equiçivant of 59,000 words of content!

As I write this the Pinterest account is not even a week old and these are the stats so far.

My 59 pins have

526 impressions ( i.e. have appeard on scree 526 times)

7 Engagements (i.e. have been clicked or saved)

4 Total Audience (i.e. been seen by 4 different people)

1 Engaged Audience (i.e. been iteracted with by a person)

So five days in and nothing too impressive but—-

It is too soon to make any predictions or draw any conclusions and so I will keep this running for at least six months to see how it goes.

How come I have so many pins already

I am at heart a lazy person…so to make this work for me I am using the power of AI to create and schedule the pins.

I feed some parameters into an app, and it generates the pins, them messages and then automatically posts them as per the schedule I have set up. That way I am able to post multiple times a day even if I am not logged in!

So what do you think of the Pins? Has the AI done a good job or do you think that using AI is unethical, I would love to know what you think, so please comment below,

12 thoughts on “59,000 words

  • Tony,
    It is very interesting to hear how you are using Pinterest. I am interested to hear how it works out for you. I thought about using Pinterest but put it to the side to focus on TikTok.

  • Hi Tony.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to Pinterest, to be honest, I wasn’t even considering it, maybe because I didn’t know how it works.
    It was interesting to read about your solo ads experience. Are you going to use them for your lead magnets?
    Speak soon.

  • Tony,

    It’s grate to see someone taking a different approach to lead generation. Most are focusing on TikTok, Facebook and others. I’ll be interested in following your success on this platform. As far as using A.I for your boards, I don’t see an issue with it.

    My only suggestion is make sure you are using it as a tool and not a crutch. A.I. is great but if not careful it can loose that personal touch that people are looking for.

    Keep moving forward.

  • I see you’ve taken an interesting turn into Pinterest from Solo Ads and it was good to hear about the AI processing and scheduling you’ve employed.

    I like the job the AI does with both the processing of your pins and scheduling.

    • Thanks

  • Hi Tony,
    Unfortunately, my wife would be in a better position to provide feedback regarding your Pinterest Pins; I also don’t foresee that as being an alternative lead generator for me.
    Still, wishing you all the best in that endeavour – I think I read in FB that you were going to look to get proficient at it – maybe a course is in the future for you to provide as a side sell and/or Affiliate Product?
    Take care,

    • Yes I need to get up top speed, so a course it is

  • Hi Tony,

    I am very excited to see what you are doing on Pinterest as I love images and although I’ve had an account for many years, I have not used so your post is inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing the details (can I borrow?)

    So many good points that I like:

    Leveraging Pinterest to promote your book and drive traffic to your blog.
    Creating specific boards for promoting your book and blog.
    Targeting different audience interests and driving engagement,
    while incorporating links back to your relevant web pages,
    converting impressions into clicks or saves.

    The use of AI to generate and schedule pins is an interesting strategy….

    It’s good to see your pins generating impressions and engagements within such a short time.

    I love that you are building a presence there and feel that you will be successful and understand exactly why Solo ads do not work for blogs.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, the pins are getting seen, but little interaction, its all early days but one thing I have learned this week is that I should include a call to action!

  • Well Done Tony. A brilliant start to Pintrest! How do you use AI to set up pins? I do it all manually currently.
    The outdoor books are brilliant and I’m glad you have done them. When you talk about all you do with your grandkids it makes sense! I hope you get a good uptake, especially on the build up to Easter and summer holidays

  • Hi, Tony!
    I’m glad to hear about your experience with Pinterest and looking forward to hearing your progress.

    I’ve been an avid Pinterest user, though I haven’t posted anything myself.

    I’m not sure how your AI works. The pics look similar. Perhaps you could mix up the colors a bit. Personally, I’m more likely to click if the picture is larger than the words. The close-up of the arched window and balcony would get my attention more than the far-away beach scenes.

    Thinking about it, I just realized that the closer the perspective, the more I want to be in that picture, and I’m more likely to click it and see what it’s about. I hope that helps.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using AI. It’s a tool.

    Do you use Pinterest for fun? I’m thinking of doing YouTube and have found I’m going to have to start watching YouTube videos to learn how to be successful on YouTube. Lol!

    I look forward to your success!

  • Tony, thanks for this very useful. I tried Pinterest a year or so ago and I found that there were some views but nobody was clicking the links. So I kind of gave up on that. Seeing the recent success of you and some of our fellow partners. I may look at this later down the line. well done your pins and graphics look really good. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Atif


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