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I want patience and I want it NOW!

I am impatient, I want to get on, I have the bit between my teeth, and I don’t want to slow down.

I want to build an email list, and I want to build it now….


Things are not as easy as they once were when it comes to email.

Too many people are getting fed up and turned off by the constant stream of emails they see as clogging up their inboxes.

Even though they signed up to receive the emails, they are ignoring them, deleting them without opening them, or worse of all, they are marking them as spam.

And now Google is set to do something about it.

To protect users of Gmail, they will be introducing strict new rules that will stop poor-quality emails from getting through to their subscribers.

The news articles are full of technical terms like DMARC, TLS, and SPF.

There is talk of spam rates, deliverability, engagement, and sender reputation.

All of this can be summed up by saying

“If you don’t get set up right, and you don’t send the right content to the right people, your emails will get blocked!”

And that is why, I sit here frustrated that I can’t get on, but knowing that waiting to get the training to set this all up properly will pay dividends shortly.

Here are the notes from my “Why Wait” list

Foundation of Knowledge:

I know the training from Dean will equip me with the essential knowledge of best practices, legal requirements, and the nuances of email marketing, setting the stage for success.

Building a Quality List:

I know that with proper training, I can focus on attracting genuinely interested subscribers, ensuring a higher level of engagement and deliverability.

Establishing Credibility:

I know that a well-informed approach helps in crafting quality content that will resonate with my audience, establishing me as a credible source.

Long-Term Success:

I know that while the initial stages might be slower, the training will ensure that my list-building efforts are sustainable and profitable in the long term.

So meanwhile I will look at other things to be doing to get ready.

This week I will be creating the first issue of my ‘Forty Short Magazine’, so that when I do start building a list I have something of value to send them each month.

More about that in the next post… and who knows I might even have the first one ready to show you.

What frustrates you most about online marketing? Let me know in the comments

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