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A Major Milestone!

So yesterday, Jan 1st, 2024 I went to visit the ruin and was amazed to see that work has started now we have our papers in!

(That was a challenge what with all the red tape)

Ruin with new electric box

The builder has installed electric meter boxes in the wall near the Donkey Shed (I don’t think I will ever be able to call it the pantry) and run cables in the wall to inside the house to what will be the fuse box in the cupboard by the front door.

OK, so not a lot, but this is a major milestone

Restoring electricity to an old ruin in Portugal can be a complex process, and it varies depending on whether or not you have an old electricity bill.

If You Do Not Have an Old Electricity Bill this is the process:

Property Documentation:

You need to provide proof of ownership or authorization to request electricity services for the ruin.

Initial Application:

You’ll start with an application for a new electricity connection, as there’s no existing customer number or record to refer to.

Site Inspection and Assessment:

The utility provider will conduct a thorough inspection to assess the condition of the existing electrical infrastructure and determine what needs to be installed or upgraded.

(In our ruin this had been removed, to prevent the risk of fire, so no electricity was there at all!)

Obtaining Permits:

Depending on the location and condition of the ruin, you may need to obtain special permits, especially if it’s a protected historic site.

Installation of New Electrical Systems:

This step includes the complete setup of a new electrical meter, wiring, and possibly a new electrical panel.

It’s generally more extensive and costly compared to reconnecting an existing system.

Contract and Payment:

A supply contract is signed, and payment is made for the services.

Connection and Testing:

Finally, after ensuring all installations are safe and compliant with regulations, the electricity will be connected, and thorough testing will be conducted.

A Lesser Burden

Fortunately, amongst the papers supplied when we bought the ruin, there was a seventeen-year-old Electricity bill…

This makes things a bit simpler.

Verification of Existing Connection:

The old bill helps in verifying the previous electricity connection. It contains the customer number and the last registered meter reading, which are crucial for identification.

Contacting a Utility Provider:

The builder will now contact EDP our electricity to provide a construction supply of electricity that the builders can use.

Inspection and Safety Check:

EDP will arrange for an inspection of the new electrical infrastructure the builder has just put in.

And, hopefully, approve the supply.

Request domestic supply

At some point after the wiring inside is complete we will request a domestic supply.

EDP will again come and inspect the work.

This includes checking the safety of wiring, meter setup, and any other electrical installations.

Contract and Payment:

Once the work is agreed upon, I will need to sign a contract with EDP and make any required payments for the reconnection service and any new installations.


After that, the electricity will be reconnected.

Happy days!

So we are a step nearer our goals. and I still need to get sorted on the money-making side, so more about that in the next blog.

So, am I brave or mad? I would love to have your feedback on what you think about this project also do let me know if you have any questions, either on the build or the make-money side of things.

All the best

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