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April´s Magazine is here!

So it took some time but it is now here and ready to read!

Forty Short April Magazine

It’s packed with great info, tips and suggestions.

Did you know that X (formally Twitter now does live video? No. The read about X Space (page 5)

What about UGC? That’s user-generated content for the uninitiated. Find out more about getting content you don’t have to generate yourself. (page 8)

Find out what David T Fagen (the man who sold 23 million copies of his book Gorilla Marketing) has to say (page 13)

The magazine is packed with good stuff you won’t want to miss.

The thoughts behind the magazine.

To be honest, producing this magazine is so much more difficult than I imagined, even though the majority of the content is provided for me.

I need to review and edit the content, I need to check out the layout, and maybe source visuals, I need to produce it and host it in a format that can be read online and that can also be downloaded. Its a lot of work.

You might wonder why I bother (I know I do!!)

There are some good reasons as to why I am committed to producing this (almost) monthly magazine.

In no particular order, they are,

I genuinely think the articles are of interest and will be of help to those who follow my blog. (let me know in the comments if this is so for you)

It give me an opportunity to email out to my list with something that I hope will be engaging and that they will want to take a look at.

It helps me (I hope) stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different on my blog,

I find that having the research sent to me, I learn about stuff I had no idea about, it’s like opening a “lucky bag” every time a new pack is sent to me.

Anyways, go take a look and let me know if there is anything that particularly catches your interest.

12 thoughts on “April´s Magazine is here!

  • Looks very impressive and definitely sets you apart from other bloggers, especially since it’s so much more than a blog. Looks like a lot of work, and a huge value add for us following you.

  • Tony, This magazine sounds like a goldmine of useful info! I had no clue about X Space or the power of UGC until now. And hearing from David T Fagen sounds like a must-read. Producing it sounds like quite the task, but your dedication shines through. Count me in as someone who finds it engaging and helpful! Looking forward to diving in and discovering something new. Thanks, Atif

  • Fantastic magazine Tony. You make it look so easy, and I love following your journey. The magazine is not only informative but really professional. I hope it’s bringing you the credit you deserve.

  • Tony,
    How amazing! Your magazine looks so professional because it is!
    You’ve done a stellar job! I can relate to Eve Arnold. I’ll take her advice about overcoming those self-limiting beliefs.
    You’re doing a great job! I look forward to the next magazine 🙂

  • Tony,
    Wow, what a great job you did on your magazine. It contains a lot of great and useful information. You really put a lot of thought into it and it shows. I am looking forward to reading your future magazines. Keep up the good work.

  • Tony,

    You did a great job on the magazine! I know a lot of work went in to making it happen. It is defiantly a good addition to your marketing.

    I hope your home is coming along as well.

  • Brilliant! Are you getting leads? Just curious, because you deserve to if you haven’t! I assume your new magazine is for your list and adds tremendous value! Good luck with everything!

  • Hi Tony,
    Your magazine is amazing! I’m so impressed with all the hard work you put into it. I will have to look back on it as a reference for when I get stuck on something. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Wow, I am impressed! Very nice! Your magazine is brilliant. So much great content and helpful advice will help any business-minded person. I am learning so much from everyone in the community by how you all are setting up your blog and providing your content in e-books or, like in your case, with a monthly magazine…Well Done! It is so exciting, and I look forward to following your journey.

  • Tony, I had a look at your magazine and it is incredible. I am inspired by you. It takes a lot of work to write, edit, and format a magazine and maintain a blog. Look forward to reading your monthly magazine!

    • Many thanks Alison

  • Hi Tony,
    Wow, maintaining a blog and social media is already challenging but also doing a magazine… good for you!!
    I’m on my phone now and it challenging to read but will have a look when I’m back on my laptop, thanks!


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