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Held Up By Bandits

I want to explain how you can beat the bandits in affiliate marketing.

But first, let me tell you about my experience with bandits in the Andes!

My brother and I were on a ten-day road trip through Northern Peru.

During our adventure, we..

…were stuck on the Andes mountainside, due to Landslides, waiting for the bulldozers to rescue us.

….lodged in a hotel below Kuelpa that had just collapsed due to a flood. It wasn’t open, but they still put us up, in a room where the floor was at a 20-degree slope.

…got mobbed by teenage girls in Cajamarca so that the police had to come to clear a path! (I know, we can’t believe it either)

But the one that stands out amongst all the experiences, was being held up by armed bandits!


We had been warned not to stop on the mountain road due to bandit activity, but it’s kind of hard to keep going when they have a barrier across the road.

My brother explained that he was not a “gringo”, but an “Albino Peruvian”!

As we slowed down, I urgently tried to remove the memory cards from my various cameras. I could always replace the camera, but not the photos!

Once stopped, my brother jumped out of the car, cursing in Kechuan, a local dialect. (y brother has an uncanny ability to curse in just about any language.)

The sight of this aging white gringo, swearing in their language, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and an Indiana Jones hat had them falling about laughing.

They lowered their rifles and crowded around patting him on the back and insisting he repeated the few phrases he knew again and again.

Negotiating Our Passage

Eventually, my brother resorted to Spanish.

After chatting for a while we agreed on a narrative and a price to allow us to continue our journey down the mountain toward the Utcubanba river.

The narrative went something like this:

“These were dangerous roads, and it was lucky we met up with this volunteer road patrol, with guns, who had put a barrier across the road, and who were there to keep the road safe from the bandits, who had guns, and stopped traffic, and demanded payment. And by the way… would we like to donate to their efforts to keep the road safe, from…. Well …. people with guns … who block the road …. and ask for money?”

We paid around $30 and left amid cheers, grins, and waves….

So despite the warnings,  we made it down the mountain and on to the next village without seeing any bandits at all!

Beat The Affiliate Marketing Bandits

I sometimes think that affiliate marketing can be a bit like that journey, full of either dangers and disaster; or challenges and adventure. It all depends on how you choose to write the narrative.

Certainly, there are charlatans and bandits out there. I have certainly met a few and fallen for their lies!

They will happily take your money and then run for the hills.

Sometimes it is as simple as a plain old lie, other times it´s a more subtle play on words, designed to catch the unwary.

But there are also many very genuine people ready to help.

In a moment I will tell you about one of those.


To be honest, it’s very difficult to progress unless you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone, pay some money every now and then, and treat every adventure as an opportunity.

To beat the bandits though, so that you know that your money is well spent and that the effort you are putting in is not wasted. you need to find one of the good guys!

That’s exactly what I have done here.

One Of The Good Guys

In this adventure of mine to make 40K, I have teamed up with Dean, who is most certainly one of the good guys.

You are going to hear more about Dean I am sure, (and also some of the others I trust) I will, when the time is right, tell you more about his system, and why it might be right for you to consider taking a look yourself, (and yes this could well earn me a commission….did I mention I was an affiliate marketer?)

But for now, sit tight, enjoy the ride, and be ready to take intelligent calculated risks now and then to get where you want to go.

If you found this post interesting, or if you have your own ´Danger Story´, I would love to hear all about it, so please comment below

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