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Be careful what you ask for

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So this post WAS going to be about my digital products BUT……

I asked for feedback on my blog from my online coaches, fully expecting them to be full of awe and praise, and for them to tell me it was perfect and there was no possible way it could be improved… but NO!

They had valuable advice that left me with actions I need to get to right after this post!

I am going to let you in on the insights they provided, in case you are also a blogger.

(before I do, and in the interest of honesty I feel I should point out that neither I nor my two coaches look as young or as vibrant as the couple in this illustration!)

Major Point 1: Internal Links

´’Content is king’ they say, but what’s the point if no one can travel around the Kingdom, and that’s where internal links come in.

Internal links are where you turn words or phrases in your article into Links to other posts and pages on your blog.

They are crucial for several reasons:

Improved Navigation:

 Internal links guide visitors through your website, facilitating the discovery of more content, thus enhancing user engagement.

SEO Benefits:

They help search engines understand the structure of your website, contributing to better indexing and improved search rankings.

Decreased Bounce Rates:

By providing relevant additional content, internal links can reduce the rate at which visitors leave your site.

Major Point 2: Featured Images

Featured images are the billboards of your blog.

These are not just pretty pictures; they grab attention, evoke emotions, and can make someone click on your post faster than a cat video goes viral.

Featured images are the primary images associated with blog posts or articles and are super easy to set up.

They are vital for the following reasons:

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First Impressions:

Featured images are often the first element that catches a reader’s eye. A compelling image can significantly increase the likelihood of someone clicking on and reading your post.

Social Appeal:

If you post your link on social media, the featured image is what will be displayed under your link, creating that all-important first impression

Brand Consistency:

Consistent use of images can reinforce your brand identity and make your blog more recognizable. This is something I need to work on, for a great example of someone who has got this sorted (and who has an interesting blog,) check out Sarah Goulding’s blog

Sarah Goulding'd blog images

There were a few other things, like the use of my email, removing post numbers, etc. but tho

So right after I post this I am going to get on and revisit each of my posts and apply these two important lessons.

Have you got Blog Post tips I should know about, please comment below.

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