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Breaking New Ground!

This month the journey is all about breaking new ground, and here is another first for me

Announcing the publication of the very first edition of

Forty Short Magazine

 Your newest destination for the latest in online marketing, news, tips, and insightful reviews.

This inaugural issue is not just a collection of articles; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, learning, embracing new challenges.

Man reading the front cover of Forty Short magazine

The Challenge

This was a big challenge for me, both exhilarating and exhausting.

I have never published a magazine before…. And to be honest it shows!

The primary hurdle was not the collation of high-quality, insightful content that you deserve but in mastering a new tool for the digital layout.

And when I say mastering, I mean barely scaping by enough to get the thing published.

Pro Tip: In perfect action allows us to move forward and improve, things do not have to be perfect, don’t fall into the trap of never launching or publishing cause its not quite right yet.

The magazine page creation involved trying to make the design elements appealing, whilst at the same time ensuring a user-friendly reading experience.

In this first edition I am disappointed with the design, the inside pages look a bit flat to me, but I will look to improve that for the next edition.

The Achievement

Despite the challenges, and the extra hours it took, and despite it´s aesthetic short falls I am pleased with the results.

I believe that the content will be useful and provides value, and I even hope that it is interesting!

However this first issue is more than just pages filled with content; it represents a journey of growth, adaptation, and represents my commitment to bringing value to my subscribers and visitors.

Forty Short Magazine” is not just about providing online marketing news and tips; it’s about creating a community where ideas flourish and insights are shared.

I hope the magazine will provide knowledge and perspectives that are both actionable and thought-provoking, and that as a result readers will share their own thoughts and feedback

Your feedback is invaluable.

It’s the compass that guides my content and will help me improve with every issue.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or even a word of encouragement. Every bit of interaction makes our “Forty Short” community richer.

The launch of this magazine is just the beginning.

With each new monthly  issue, I promise I will work to improve both the content and design, and always aiming to exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you for being a part of this exciting journey!

The First issue is here »»» Forty Short Magazine «««

With gratitude and excitement,


 Editor-in-Chief  :0)

Forty Short Magazine

25 thoughts on “Breaking New Ground!

  • Wow, Great Idea! Don’t know how you balanced the making of the magazine along with your blog etc, but great job! It really shows how you have given a lot of time and effort into not just the magazine, but also your website, blog and business as a whole. Seeing all these things come together I have no doubt the magazine will be successful as well. Look forward to seeing you grow all these things together.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. For me its a case of the more I have to do, the more likely it is to get done, give me one task and plenty of time and I will procrastinate and delay.

  • Hey Tony, big congrats on your inaugural magazine publication! I’ve already downloaded it and can’t wait to dive into the content. It’s awesome to hear that you’re pleased with how it turned out. You know, I read in another blog post that the more we do something, the better we get at it. Looking forward to witnessing your continued success! 🎉

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. I hope the magazine lives up to expectations!

  • Tony, it’s really commendable that you have created a magazine. I can see the value in it and the extra information you will provide your readers. I have downloaded it and will read it later. I hope it doesn’t give you too much extra work while you are also building your business, your house and your blog. Take care my friend and well done. Atif

  • Hi Tony

    What a great publication. Loads of value from the articles. I particularly got some good insight from the Linkedin article.
    I thought the look and feel and the overall aesthetics looked very good and you are being too hard on yourself.
    Looking forward to seeing more

    • Thanks Tim,, it is true that I am a harsh critic of my efforts! Thanks for the encouragement

  • Hi Tony, Huge congratulations on your first magazine.
    Done is better than perfect.
    Great read. I found most valuable for me the 7 ways to lose money article. All of them are great lessons but the most thought-provoking was about security. I will also think about Linked In as I started to build a network ages ago and it waits for more engagement now.
    Great idea about your magazine. You have put a lot of work into it. And every page with interesting articles. It was nicely done. It is useful and I will come back for more.
    All the best!

    • Thanks so mch for your encouraging remarks

  • Tony, Congratulations on your magazine! To be your first attempt, I thought it was fantastic! I’m sure it will get even better over time, and I look forward to future editions to see how it evolves. I love the mix of interviews and thought-provoking ideas. They have a way of getting your mind going as to what possibilities are available when it comes to options and income streams that we may not have even thought about before. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much, glan you enjoyed it

  • Hi Tony,
    I truly love the information you mention about not “waiting until it’s perfect” before doing or – in this case – publishing your magazine!
    Kudo’s to you for getting it done, even if, as you mentioned, it wasn’t perfect.
    Looking forward to reading future editions!

    • Thanks Marc, it is painful for me to go pubçic with things that are not quite right and so I have to force myself to let go. I set a deadline and that helps concentrate my mind. with no deadline I would go on forever,

  • Tony, congratulations for your first issue of “Forty Short” magazine! What I saw there is not something to read only once, it’s a repository of great ideas, researches, opinions, and advices expressed for everyone digging inside the digital marketing online industry. The work and time that must have been invested to write such quality content impress me. You are demonstrating a perseverance that only the most passionate people are able to. Wish you all the success for this new year and those to come!

    • Martin, thank you so much for the encouragement. I hope over time that the magazine will become a powerful resource that benefits the followers of my blog.

  • Hi Tony,

    Congrats for publishing for first magazine.

    I like the interview you did with Mark Bishop. I first started in niche marketing as well.

    Anyway, the magazine looks good.

    There are some minor formatting errors like in page 18, “You got rich”, but it is not a groundbreaking issue.

    Well done!

    • Thanks so much for the feedback… I aim to improve the look and feel over time, and these sorts of comments are so helpful,

  • How do I download it? When I first saw you did this, I was so excited! Now I want to read it!

    • Hi Kate

      You can go to Magazine in the menu, or click the link or image at the end of this blog post. Thanks so m7ch for your kind words

  • Hi Tony,
    What a great accomplishment, congratulations on the birth of your magazine! Definitely not an easy thing to do . Can’t wait to look through it later and look forward to next posts! Cheers!

    • Thanks Denny. Let me know what you think. As I say in my blog, Feedback is vital!

  • This is incredible! Well Done Tony. You must have put A LOT of effort into this and I’m certain you will reap the awards. I loved the magazine, and there were a lot of interesting headlines that I’m sure will capture the attention of the readers, especially the LinkedIn one. I really enjoyed reading it all. Congratulations, absolutely brilliant. I’m really looking forward to your next one already! Well Done Tony!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the magazine, and I am determined to improve it over time.

  • Hi tony. You’ve been a busy man. The magazine looks good. I’ve downloaded a copy and I’ll have a read later when I’m on a tablet rather than phone.

    • Thanks, Do let me know what you think…..I am not happy with the look and feel, though I think the content is fine, but it is so hard to be objective about your own work.


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