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Contract Signed

I have only gone and done it!

I have signed a contract to have my house built for a cost of 180,000 euros!

I know I should be excited.

I know I should be elated.

But truth be told I am apprehensive!

I simply don’t have enough money to complete it!

Comfort Zone

In their more generous moments, my Family would describe me as a ‘Control freak’.

So this has me way out of my comfort zone.

For me to commit to a €180,000 contract for building a house in rural Portugal is a monumental decision, especially when faced with a €40,000 shortfall.

I am going to be honest with you… I HAVE to make this online thing work. I have burnt my boats, so no turning back.

The financial issue

The first problem I faced, once I had decided on the builder, was to work out a payment schedule I could work to … and that the builder would accept.

And after examining all avenues the only answer I could come up with was to delay the build start three months to April. But at the risk of losing my builder, who was adamant he needed to start in January.

I hit on a cunning plan

In Portugal, for the type of building I am doing, I have to have a registered builder, who needs to submit papers by a deadline, for me that deadline is Jan 17th.  

So to sweeten the deal in favour of the delay I proposed a 10k down payment if we get the papers in on time.

Then the first main payment when he started in April, with further payments every three months for the next year.

Kitchen Table Conversation

MidJourney generated image

My builder speaks no English, I speak no Portuguese and so this proposal was voiced by Portuguese friends who have been helping me with the find a builder process.

To me, all Portuguese conversations sound like the participants are arguing… so I sat at the kitchen table nervously sipping a Bica from a thimble-sized glass.

The conversation went back and forth for a long time as I mentally revised offers and counteroffers, but eventually, they turned to me and Vanda started to relate the conversation.

Done deal

Augusto (my builder) had readily agreed in the first ten seconds after the offer was made, having stated that he would start in January on the payment of the 10k and was not worried about waiting till the main payment.

The rest of the ten-minute conversation was apparently about getting water and electricity to the site to start!

So that was that, with a handshake the deal was done!

Focus on the Prize

Photo by craveiro_ pics

So here I am, nervously wondering what the next year will look like, but, with a VERY clear prize at the end and very clear financial goals to achieve to attain the prize.

I am transforming the stress of the commitment into a driving force for action and am determined not to simply survive the process, but to thrive in the process

Having the imposed imperative of having to make that extra 40k is really helpful.

It allows me to have an objective measure of how well I am doing or, how badly I am failing.

I am effectively operating a bifocal mentality;

in the long distance, I can see the house, the Tapia walls painted white with the traditional Alentejo blue trim.   

In the short distance, I am preparing my plan of action to build my online income stream.

I will soon be adding a form for you to sign up for my news and updates newsletter, but until then I would love to hear what you think and what questions you might have, so please comment below

23 thoughts on “Contract Signed

  • Hi Tony, I enjoy reading your blog content. Your thoughts are relatable and inspiring. I wish you the best and look forward to your future posts.

  • Hi Tony 👋 what a read! I so admire your courage and determination. I really look forward to following you and reading your posts as you build your home and your business. Wish you the all the best 👍

  • Hey Tony, this is a very fascinating story and I’m really looking forward to following it. You’ve got a lot of guts doing something like this and I commend you for it. You certainly got an incentive to Get the 40,000. it sounds very stressful, but I have every confidence that you can pull this off and that you achieve what you want to do. Big risks is equal to big rewards. I wish you all the best thanks

  • Who says a handshake isn’t worth it’s weight in gold anymore?

    Can’t wait to see you get there & build your home Tony!

  • Hi, Tony! You’ve got guts! How daring to stake your dream on a business goal that’s not quite there. Maybe I need to do something like that! I’m a procrastinator, so I need a deadline to move me forward. I am so looking forward to your next post and following your progress.

    • Hi Nakina, sometimes I need to take a risk and put myself up against the wall otherwise I just drift. we will see how brave or foolish it was as the months go by!

  • Tony, you have me hooked!! Well done for just going for it! You made me laugh so much with the “all Portuguese conversations sound like they’re arguing”! Can’t wait to see the house grow along with your business 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, the next blog will be an introduction to the house as it is now,

  • Pull the future to you through your ability to visualize exactly what you want. There’s an art and science to pulling that off. Mindset is #1 for a successful unfolding of a future you want.

  • Tony, I understand the the stress of building a new house and having to find all the finances to fully complete it. SJ and I built one 2 year ago and due to funds there are still a few things that are left undone. One of our goals is to use affiliate marketing to help complete the remaining projects. Would enjoy seeing how your house and affiliate business is progressing.

    Keep Moving Forward

    • Don´t say that, I thought it would be all done in ten Months, LOL!!

      Well done on building your own home, I hope I can join you in that achievement, and still have some hair left!

  • Hello Tony,

    Congrats on your new home. I can’t wait to see the progress of this new adventure you are on. It looks like you have everything covered. Your site if very interesting, and I am going to looking into it further. Best of luck, you got this…


    • Thanks so much for the kind words.
      When it comes to the build part of the venture, I can assure you I do not have everything covered….. there is so much red tape in Portugal that I know that there will be things popping up right left and centre, fortunately I have good friends here to guide me through the process .

  • Thanks for sharing your motivation to commit to this challenge. Congrats on the house!

    • Thanks, Pop back for time to time to find out how I am getting on.

  • Hey Tony, 40 short in Portugal is the equivalent to 68 short in Canada. I wish you well in this endeavour especially with the language barrier.

    I like how you put it in your “About Us” page, offering a “unique learning opportunity for those interested in creating an online income.”

    I look forward to following your progress…and maybe I’ll learn something along the way.

    • Robert Thank you so much for the comment.

      Canada is certainly on my bucket list as somewhere I want to visit.

      And yes, I hope to share not just about the house, but also how I use the internet to raise the money.

      All then best

  • Congratulations on the new home! I know this online journey can be a bit scary, but I have no doubt it is possible to be very successful! I am so looking forward to my retirement within the next year!

    • Thanks, though to call it a home just now is a bit of a stretch!

  • Burned the boats, A bit like me, I’m trying to live between the UK in the summer and The Gambia in West Africa. in the winter I’ve opened a small tourist bar in Africa. I’ve built a lifestyle now I just need to build the income to support and enhance it, The UK pension doesnt cover it.😁

    • Steve, Thanks for stopping by. “Living in the UK in the summer”, That’s just for two weeks then ;o)I am going to pop over to your blog and find out a bit more as it sounds like a great lifestyle.,


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