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Creating a Country Song with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just for writing emails or blog posts!

I believe that the potential for what you can do with AI is endless.

The Song

To prove this point, I wanted to do something slightly different and so I fed it this prompt!

“create a country music song in the style of Johnny Cash about affiliate marketing, including the fact that you had to hide it from your wife, that you bought many useless shiny objects, that you got misled, false promises of get rich quick, and the true answer which is to generate traffic, collect leads, email offers and be consistent, also include something about how if you are consistent people will get to know like and trust you.”

That’s right!

I asked AI to create a country song for me.

I had to tweak the prompt a few times to get something I was happy with, although to be honest, each result was good.

I settled on the third set of lyrics, as they struck me as true to my experience, and that of so many others I know.

The problem now was that the lyrics were just that, words on paper, they had no life, they were flat, one-dimensional.

I tried to sing them to a couple of country tunes, but they did not work.

Good as it was lyrically, I needed to bring it to life.

The Recording

Nowadays we have so many resources at our fingertips, just about anything is for sale on the internet, and it is just a quick and easy step to hire a country singer from

affiliate Country Fiverr seach

The song took three days to deliver, exceeding my wildest expectations.

The way the guy produced the music and made the words fit was the work of a true artist. I am blown away with the result!

The Cover

The next step was to get the album artwork, and again I turned to AI.

Here is the prompt that I fed into Prompt Core Dynamics

design a contemporary image that symbolises county music, including images such as a guitar, cowboy hat, wood background and only other elements you feel would help portray the message

I use Prompt Core Dynamic for images as it has two language models for graphics, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. They handle the prompt differently, and so it gets a much better choice of results that way,

The result was spot on, and I copied it to PowerPoint to add the title text.

Affiliate Country cover
Affiliate Country

The Video

So I had everything I needed to create the music video,

I fed the lyrics into another AI tool I have that is designed to create video reels from your script. I won’t name it as the results are consistently pants!

It did come up with a reel, but most of the images were way off, and as it was responding to a written text, not the music, nothing really ‘fit’.

So Artificial Intelligence let me down on this occasion and I had to resort to Actual Intelligence instead 

With the song playing in the background, I headed over to, and to search for free-to-use stock videos.

I was surprised at how few line-dancing clips there are!

The Star???

However I managed to grab a good number of clips that I felt told the story as it was sung…but then…. vanity took over, and I decided that I needed to be in the video.

I jumped into ‘Abbey’ my trusted old Land Rover and drove to our local river for a few clips.

The golden Alentejo was the perfect backdrop for my County debut, and I am 1000% certain that I will be an overnight heart throb for all those lonely cowgirls back in Nashville.

The clips were then loaded into Camtasia, and I stitched them together to create the video.

The Result

The end result can be seen here

Affiliate Country (

Let me know what you think about this way of using AI?

17 thoughts on “Creating a Country Song with A.I.

  • Tony, I am blown away! I just sat and watched your video with my jaw dropped open. I know you had a lot of help from AI and some talented humans, but the credit all goes to you for coming up with the idea and putting it all together so professionally. Just brilliant!

  • Tony, What a creative and fun project! It’s amazing how you combined AI with real-life elements to bring your country song to life. The process of hiring a singer and making a video sounds like a lot of work, but it definitely paid off. I love how you even included yourself in the video! It was awesome, I loved it. Your John Wayne acting skills were great. I loved how you put yourself in the video. You really are so creative and inspring. Thanks, Atif

  • This is such a fun and creative way to show off the power of AI and your personal journey with affiliate marketing! I honestly loved the song, it was really catchy and brough a massive smile to my face, especially when you took a staring role. This song made my day- I’m looking forward to the Album!

  • Tony,
    I really enjoyed the song and video. Great work. It is just amazing what AI can do. You did a great job putting it all together.

  • Hi Tony,
    Great stuff! This definitely is showing us the road to a future we might or might not agree with.
    In my case, a few years ago I could say that my voice-over work would be well paid and any AI software sounded so much more like a robot than anything else.
    Well, those days are gone. Even the revenue stream I could count on for voice-over work has trickled down to almost nothing because of AI…
    I agree with you that AI has a place but, if I may be so bold, to me, it’s cut down on a good revenue for many like me that had good experience and provided great work. My 2 cents here! 🙂
    All the best!

  • Hey Tony! I see you are very good to juggle with all those AI softwares! This is a great creative skill you have! You don’t know but, instead of being fourty short, maybe you’ll be on top fourty with this song 😀 Thanks for letting me know there are other things than chatgpt and Microsoft picture designer AI.
    Good job!

  • Tony, Thanks for laying it all out. It was good to read of the making of your song, “Affiliate Country”.

    Over on LinkedIn I proclaim myself as being a pioneering innovator. I’d like to bestow that title onto you as well.

    You’ve made some ingenious use of both artificial and actual intellingence to produce this.

  • Hi Tony,

    Wow, this is fantastic! You had me hooked with the idea of using AI to create a country song, and the execution is brilliant. I love how you combined different AI tools at each step, lyrics, artwork, and even the video. It’s a great reminder that AI can be super creative with helping you on projects, not just a time-saver. The final video with its mix of AI and your own touches is truly unique! Thanks for sharing your project!


    • Thanks Meredith, I have to say I am thrilled with the end result

  • Hey Tony,

    Great post!

    I really had no idea that you could do this with AI. It makes want to try doing something similar with my grandchildren and make a cool video of them.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Sean, do it, mine are so excited by the prospect

  • Tony, this is brilliant!! Everything about it is smooth and flawless!! Good job! Do you plan to make more?

    • Not for marketing I don’t think, but this morning my 9 year old granddaughter and I sat down to talk about all the things she wants to do this summer, we got AI to write a song, which we are getting produced, and now I have to take her to the river, the beach, the park, camping, the water park, and the pool, to get the footage to go with the song!

  • Well… That was nothing short of amazing! You did such a great job in capturing a lot of what affiliate marketing is and put it in a Country song in a way that most people can relate. I do favor Country music myself, so this is pretty cool! Now for the crazy thing is that AI had so much to do with the production of this work. This is actually scary! However, with AI doing so much in this process, it was actually you that came up with the idea, the prompt, the creativity and the resourcefulness to get this song produced for us to hear and enjoy. For those people that are smart, just like you, they will let AI help us and not take over. This is so excellent! Thank you for sharing your talent and having wonderful day!

    • I also like how Tony put himself in the video, giving the feeling of the creation of a simple life!!

    • thanks Ernie

    • Thanks for the encouragement, and I agree about the intelligent use of AI. I always say Artificial Intelligence is no substitute for Actual Intelligence


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