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With the paperwork on the house done for now, it’s time to start thinking about how I will raise the additional forty thousand euros I need to complete the build.

Time to think about the cash

The opportunities to make money online are vast, drop shipping goods, selling your services as a freelancer, selling stock photography (which incidentally was how I raised my first money online well over 20 years ago!), blogging, filling in surveys, and even Only Fans!

But for me the choice was simple,

To make money online I have chosen to sell digital assets.

Things like memberships, courses, information products, mentorships.

Some of these will be my creations and some will be other people’s products that I will promote as an affiliate.

So why digital?

Here’s why, for me, digital assets was an easy choice!

1. Low Overhead, High Reward

Digital assets, unlike physical goods, require minimal upfront costs.

Once created, they can be reproduced and distributed at almost no additional expense.

This low overhead means that almost all revenue generated from sales is profit, making it an extremely attractive option for fundraisers.

2. Global Reach

The digital nature of these assets allows you to reach a global audience.

Whether it’s a training course, software, or eBooks, these products can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

3. Building Community and Brand Awareness

Creating my own digital assets under my brand ‘Hero PLR’ offers me an opportunity to build a community around my offering.

4. Versatility

The digital space is incredibly versatile, allowing for a wide range of products.

As well as being an affiliate for some excellent training and mentorship programs my offerings include PLR products that I have created (more about that in a later blog), a couple of books, as well as my latest offering that I am working on now that is white labeled software (again more about that in a later blog).

The possibilities in this arena are limitless.

A Quick Inventory

Here is a breakdown of what I currently have live


The two main programs I am an Affiliate for are

Internet Profits

Partnership To Success

Both offer fantastic coaching and pay good commissions.

In terms of my own digital assets, I have two PLR products on sale

Affiliate Training PLR

Affiliate Startup Five-Day Challenge PLR

I also have two books out, that have nothing to do with making money online, but speak to my other passion, enjoying time outdoors with my grandchildren

The Grandad Handbook

Unplugged and OutSide

It is on this foundation that I intend to build an income to raise that extra forty thousand euros!

If you would like to know more about how I created these, drop me a comment in the box below.

15 thoughts on “Digital Money Making

  • Tony,

    I’m intrigued about your selling ‘stock photography’ which you said you did. How was that? did you make a decent amount from it? Tell me more? Also I love the dashing photo of Dean on your blog very nice. The Grandad book sounds good, I may have to have read !! I agree about what you say about digital products, it is the way to go. It can benefit anyone in the world as it doesn’t require physical interaction. You also got your paperwork done! well done. All the best, I am looking forward to next weeks post. Atif

    • Hi Atif, the stock photography was years agao befor the excellent free images you can find on Pixaby, pexels and the like. I wanted a photo of a leaky bucket, but could not fimd one, so I bought a galvanised bucket, drillled holes in it. Then got the wife to direct a hose into it as I took the shots. Oover the 15 years it has been on sale it has bought in a little over $1000 (in total, so not a lot each year!

  • Hi Tony
    Great work! It looks like you have a solid plan! I believe digital assets and the affiliate route are the way to go. Looks like you have some great products to start with. Look forward to following and cheering you on!

  • Hi Tony,

    Congrats for getting your paperwork done. Your patience has paid off.

    You have a good range of products to offer. Maybe you can consider having a “Recommended Products” page and list your offers there?

  • I have to admire your tenacity. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Looking forward to following your progress. Happy New Year!

  • Tony,

    It sounds like you have a solid plan as you work to acquire the remaining funds needed to build your home. The use of digital products is a great way to go. The different ways you are using digital products is interesting and I look forward to following how you implanted each of these into your business.

    Have a great New Year!

    • Hi

      thanks for the comment. With regards to different digital assets there are a couple of things to note. 1: Small streams can feed into a bifg river…. 2: The books are more about my ego than my income!

  • Great read Tony,
    Appreciate how you’re not keeping all your eggs in one basket; great opportunities are there!

  • Tony,
    Sounds like you have a great path to make your money needed. I look forward to following your progress.

  • Hi Tony

    It sounds like a great portfolio to have online, although i can only image the time required to maintain it all
    I hear PLR is a great way to grow your digital portfolio, so i will read your blog with interest to see how it progresses
    Good luck with the funding challeng

  • Looks like you’ve got some sound products there. Assume the books are digital. Do you have then for sale somewhere?

  • You are doing a fantastic job keeping your balls in the air! Keep it moving and you’ll find the success you desire!

  • Hi Tom, thanks for the questions, I plan to talk more about each in later blogs but…. The PLR comes either with personal use rights or, at a greater cost, with full resale rights, I also offer a paid rebranding service. Each has its own separate sales page but is hosted in a central hub, (as in the screenshot) that way if you buy one product when you go to sign in you see the others. I have made extra sales this way. I list the PLR on Warrior Plus and have affiliates sell for me. I hope that helps

  • Hi Tony,
    sounds like you have a solid foundation here. I know about Internet Profits but never heard of the other one.
    Your PLR products, are you going to sell them with resell rights or as your branded product?
    Probably you will have a separate landing page for all of them. I think you should separate the first two programs, as they say, a confused mind does not buy. Do not give too many options at once.
    Looking forward to seeing your marketing strategy for those products.


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