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Enough is enough!

I have had enough!!!

I live in the rural Alentejo region of Portugal, a region that still moves slowly in time with the seasons.

Here, we still see families cooking in outside kitchens, the occasional donkey cart going to market, and sleepy town shops closing from one to three each afternoon.

We are close to nature, with storks nesting on the telephone poles, wild boar digging up the gardens, and turtles sunning themselves on the river bank.

Stork Nesting Outside Our Ruin

Viperine in the river where we swim (totally harmless)

In many, many ways it is idyllic.

Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of modern conveniences, and the old ways are fast disappearing. We a bank and health centre in town and they even build a Lidl supermarket a year or so ago. BUT…..

We do not have high speed internet. In fact, my village has no wired internet at all.

For the past three years I have survived on 4g internet, slow speeds and intermittent services… and enough is enough… as I write this I have no internet service at all for the past 15 minutes, and just now, after two router resets I have manged to get on, but with an upload speed of just 13.39 mbs.

So now, I have ordered Starlink high speed satellite internet for LESS a month than my current main stream telephone provider currently charges me!

My existing contract ends in November, but I have bitten the bullet now for two reasons.

One the poor service is impacting my ability to get work done, and two, the company is notorious for being difficult to cancel.

So apart from the therapeutic benefit of my having a rant, what’s the point of sharing this here with you.

Well I have been reminded of two important facts that I need to keep in mind as I build my business.

1: Good service will foster loyalty, but bad service will drive customers and clients away.

I need to ensure that I always deliver value and provide a good service.

2: There is always a choice.

I need to remember that I am in a competitive industry, and that online I am just one amongst many. I need to provide compelling reasons for people to chode my content, my products, my advice.

So here’s to the old ways, and to the new ways and to ensuring we always choose the best of each.

13 thoughts on “Enough is enough!

  • Wow Tony, such a frustrating situation. I get easily frustrated with internet issues, I was feeling it reading your post 🙂
    I love the lesson learned though and it shout out loud and clear 📢 “Good service will foster loyalty, but bad service will drive customers and clients away” 📢
    Another great post!

  • Tony, it’s hard to believe that in today’s day and age something like internet access is still an issue. Hang in there as you say there’s always an option. Just like with Affiliate Marketing there’s always an option just keep telling the truth and it will work itself out.

  • Hi Tony,
    Short and sweet blog but oh so to the point!
    Sometimes the pain of a decision is replaced with a smile of content afterwards! In this case, I’m sure you’ll just love the high speed internet this will provide for you, your business and your family.
    Here’s to efficiency and great service!

  • Tony,
    I feel your pain! Living in Wales I do sometimes want to throw away my laptop, the internet is so slow!
    So like you, I may need to investigate alternatives……

    I also lived in the Algarve for several months and loved walking along the seaside for miles……
    Portugal is a beautiful country, and you are so lucky.

    You will work it out!

  • Hats off to you Tony, for managing to do what you have done with such bad service. Once you get your new internet service, look out world!

    • Honestly Andy, I have been tearing my hair out….this weekend I was trying to download a big file, and each time it got near the end the internet dropped… its still not downloaded!

  • Hi Tony,

    Absolutely! Standing out in a competitive industry requires a blend of tradition and innovation. It’s about offering unique value that resonates with your audience. Here’s to embracing both the proven methods and the fresh ideas to continuously improve and deliver compelling content and products. Let’s keep striving for excellence in everything we do!


    • Thanks Meredith, I appreciate your encouragement.

  • Tony,
    Little to no internet service sounds dreadful. I just spent a week in the NC mountains and I did not have service. It was so frustrating. Not being able to post my blog, do any blog hopping, training and even (gasp) do any amazon shopping LOL. Good for you for biting the bullet and getting reliable service.

    • Getting away from the internet by choice can be refeshing… not so much when it keeps dropping out unexpectedly!

  • Little to no internet service is tough to imagine. and yes, enough is enough. but the wildlife you describe is an experience like none other. Wild boars!! wow!! Glad you were able to make the change!

    • The boars can be a nuisance, as their numbers are growing. The alentejo is hunting country, so when out landlord shoots one he pops round with a bag of fresh meat. the current Mrs Simms is getting a dab hand at Boar Stew!

  • Tony, Your experience in rural Alentejo sounds so picturesque and peaceful, but I can totally understand your frustration with unreliable internet service. It’s great that you’ve found a solution with Starlink, and your reflections on good service and competition are spot on. Consistency and reliability are key in any business. Here’s to embracing both the charm of the old ways and the efficiency of the new! thanks, Atif


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