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Going Solo

In the world of digital marketing, you can’t simply build a better mouse trap and expect people to beat a path to your door!

You need to find people who will be intereted in your product, blog, course etc.

You need to grab their attention.

And then you need to convince them to take the action you want them to take (leave an email address, buy a product and so forth)

Solo Ads

In order to drive trafffic to my blog. over the next week or so i am going to be driving visitors to my blog by using Solo Ads.

A solo ad is an email-based advertisement you purchase from other email list owners.

These list owners send your message or email to a segment of their subscribers on your behalf.

Typically, you’re paying for your message to be sent out to a targeted audience that has already shown interest in your niche or industry, making it a highly effective way to reach potential customers.

The Plan

I am going to run three campiagns,

Campaign 1: 100 clicks to my First Steps In Affiliate Marketing course

Campaign 2: 300 clicks to my Magazine page on my blog

Campaign 3: 100 clicks to an ebook embedded on a page in my blog.

Campaign 1

I research some Solo ad vendors, and picked one that would let me send my own email copy to 100 of his subscribers.

Here is the text

Are you looking to earn money online but feeling overwhelmed and confused?’s “First Steps in Affiliate Marketing” course is here to help.

Designed for beginners and anyone wanting to quickly build a profitable online business, this free training course covers all the essentials of affiliate marketing.

Learn how to generate traffic, capture prospects, and convert them into customers.

Gain insights into effective email marketing and lead page creation.

With bite-sized video lessons delivered over a week, you’ll avoid overload and start your online business journey with confidence.

To access the course you will need to sign up for the Forty Short News Letter and confirm your opt-in, you will then be sent the first of the seven videos, with a new one being sent each day after that.

Sign up today for free access and master affiliate marketing success.

In the first few hours I have aleady had 29 people access my landing page, of those 14 fillied in the form to get the course,

and one of those has clicked to confirm the double opt-in.

I will let you know how this and the other campaigns go.

Have you used solo ads, if so how did that go for you? Let me know below.

21 thoughts on “Going Solo

  • Tony, I appreciate you providing this clarification. I’m embarrassed to say I really didn’t understand what I solo ad was or how it worked. I have been focused more on FB lead ads, etc. Thank you for the breakdown how you’re planning to use them, very helpful.

  • Tony, thanks for showing and explaining the thinking behind solo ads. In itself, it’s a valuable education. I personally am working on clarity pertaining to my target audience and how to persuade responsibly. How the brain works will be part of my strategy.

  • Tony, Interesting post, and good information! I look forward to hearing how it all works out for you!

  • Hey Tony, Love your blog post…especially that it is concise and to the point. You also provided statistical information based on your campaign and results so far. I enjoy reading about facts and outcomes… very enlightening.

  • Hi Tony,

    Definitely out of my league – for now! But definitely looking forward to how it all works out for you.
    My big question though would be, why not look to first be proficient with free and paid ads first?
    Maybe I’m just too concerned about you spending money without getting any real results.
    wishing you all the best.

    • Hi Marc, “why not look to first be proficient with free and paid ads first?” Well it takes time and practice to become proficient whether driving free or paid traffic. So to get there I need to work through the process. Solo ads are a form of paid ads, you pay for someone to sent your copy to their list…. The thing with solo ads is that they tend to work well for some things and not others, lists are abetter fit for some offers and not others and so this round of testing was just that, testing. I am not expected big results, indeed I planned the campaigns deliberately to filter people out. I used my own copy, making it clear there was a double opt in, and the double opt in itself is a filter.

      I ran the paid ad, and will be reporting the results in an update to the blog… what ever the result, the small amount of money I paid will have been worth it in terms of what o learn and providing a baseline. The money is the very least of my concerns, I am running a business rather than a hobby (which to be honest is how I have treated affiliate marketing until recently) and that means there are expenses. Thanks
      for the comment and the question, and here to success!

  • I guess the closest I’ve come to solo ads is with CPA marketing. The premise is to get folks interested in a lower priced product or service – then once you have someone’s interest you market to them via email. I hear ya on the grabbing their attention and convincing them to take action but to this day I am grappling with what will the attention-grabber be for my audience – besides documenting my journey.

    • Hi Robert, Yes Yes Yes….. that grabbing the attention is so hard…… I too struggle with that…. I try to be intriguing, funny, provocative… but still get it wrong more that I get it right, however I keep plugging aweag away on the belief that the more stuff I produce the more likely it is to catch attention.

      Thanks for the encouragement

  • That’s a very interesting use of solo ads. I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes.

    I also like how you combine your project to raise money for your build, which brings a whole other level of interest to follow what you’re doing.

  • Hi, Tony! Congratulations on your new adventure. It’s funny how you paired the adventuring Hans with solo ads! Lol!
    I like how you’re offering your course in bize-sized pieces – one a day.
    I wish you the best of luck. I’m interested in how you fare.

  • Tony, hey, hope you’re well. Yes, I have used solo ads before a couple years ago. I bought about 300 clicks that went to a lead magnet. I found that I gained about a couple of hundred people on my email list. However, when I sent them emails, nobody really responded. I had a very low rate and it felt like cold traffic even though I had paid for warmish traffic. Having said that I will be trying it out again because now I’ll probably have a better advert and the knowledge of all our group to work from. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan with your three separate campaigns, I wish you all the best, and hopefully you’ll get good engagement from it. By the way, I love the artwork of hand solo nice all the best thanks, Atif

    • Yes I think that is a typical outcome.

      I deliberately set mine to double opt in so as to filter out the tire kickers and unmotivated freeby seekers… so my 100 clicks resulted in two double opt ins!

  • It’s great to see your strategic approach in utilizing solo ads to drive traffic to your blog and specific offerings. I am nervous about solo ads, due to the new email rules, I have been dragging my feet on solo ads and even paid traffic, until I have developed my video content and email marketing skills. The personalized email copy you crafted for the campaigns shows thoughtfulness in targeting and engaging your audience. The early positive response and engagement from the first campaign are promising, and I look forward to hearing about the outcomes of the other campaigns as well!

  • Congratulations Tony!

    How exciting!!

    It’s good to see that you have laid out your plan so we are on the journey with you.

    The email campaign is very good.

    I thought perhaps when you refer to the course in the last few lines you add the name of the course in that sentence?

    To remind them of the amazing free course you are offering.

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter.

  • Tony,
    I have never heard of Solo ads. I am curious to know your results. This is something I may have to consider. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Brilliant Tony! I’m so pleased you have had some success. Well done!
    The double optin must have put a smile on your face.
    Good luck with campaign 2, let us know how you get on.

  • Hello Tony – I am very curious to see the results of your solo ad campaign. I am still in the decision mode of choosing my primary platform, but this information is important as I consider my options before making a decision. I appreciate your post.

  • Hi Tony, I’d never heard of solo ads before. The concept seems strange. To hire one’s email list to someone else strikes me as being dangerous in that one could lose potential sales from some of them as they purchase from the new source. I guess it must work though. i hope you have success with it.

  • Great post, Tony.
    I was considering using solo ads. I am a bit sceptical of how people will engage as they have probably been receiving many similar emails from the vendor. There is only one way to find out, as they say. Your numbers are promising over 50%. wow.
    I like your landing page, but I would consider doing a single opt-in in this scenario.
    Can’t wait for a post summarising this campaign.

    • Hi Tom

      I really had to fight my instinct on this and go for double opt-in. My ego said lets go for single opt-in and get the numbers, but …I want those that want to be on the list. The results so far
      are interesting (remember this is just a test) I have had 78 clicks through to my opt-in page (so we are about 25% through the campaign) of those 22 filled in the email form (first opt in) but only 2 at this point filled in the second (double opt in), so I have picked up two genuine leads by my way of thinking. I will write more on this once the campaign is complete

  • Hi Tony. I did some solo ads about a year ago now and got several subscribers but sadly very little in the way of sales. A lot of them are still on my list and engaging though. Look forward to hearing your final results.


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