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Hey, you know how they say things get easier with practice!!! ´

I have struggled again this month to produce issue #2 of my magazine. It’s not the content I struggle with, it’s the presentation.

I’d committed myself to trying to improve the overall look and feel of the magazine, so to do that, I have been looking at different magazine and ebook creators.

To be honest, I couldn’t easily get them to do what I wanted to do. I played around a bit, but in the end, I reverted to my old favorite, PowerPoint.

What did go smoothly though taking the magazine off of the blog and hosting it on a dedicated magazine site.

This allows it to operate as a flip book, which I think is a better customer experience, as well as download it as a PDF.

I also felt it was a good idea to take the workload off my blog server and put it on a dedicated server somewhere else.

So that’s the magazine process, but what’s in there?

Well quite a bit actually..

Under the news and updates, I talk about some of the things that are going on in the TikTok arena, I talk briefly about the AI chat function in Facebook and the newish Google AI offering.

I’ve also got something on how to use Chat GPT to improve your SEO.

There’s an article in there about using $1 products to help you learn the marketing process. Another on why I do not believe blogging is dead. And another on generating AI pattern artwork for profit!

Then I’ve got a great. Interview with Anik Singal, the founder of Lurn.

I provide some short marketing tips and insights that you might find useful.

And then finally I talk about how you can learn affiliate marketing for free using my course.

So pop on over to the magazine Here’s the link

Do please tell me what you think. I love to have your feedback. What’s good? What’s bad? What’s interesting? What don’t you want?

Let me know.

Thanks very much and I’ll catch you later.

20 thoughts on “Hey, you know how they say things get easier with practice!!! ´

  • This is FANTASTIC, Tony! It contains good value-added information and is professionally done. Nice job and I look forward to reading more…

  • Tony,

    I love the magazine concept and how you are able to offer it in a flip book fashion as well as a PDF, giving your readers options. I spend a lot of time in study and learning mode (perhaps too much)…but I have heard from two multiple sources recently the importance of having a regular newsletter for your subscribers. But this magazine concept just “feels” more upscale than just referring to it as a newsletter, if even the content of each is essentially the same. I think I may work towards adding this kind of service to my own business plan as well!


    • Acasha, you are right… The Content is the important thing, though presentation can help get that content out. Do try out the magazine idea and see how it works for you.


  • Tony, as usual, you continue to really impress me. Your technical knowledge and experience really comes through. Having looked at the magazine the quality of it and the content is frankly amazing. I don’t know how you are able to create so much content and do your blog, truly inspiring. You could sell your own course on how to create these magazines as a digital product said you could sell. Thanks again, truly amazed, thanks, Atif

  • I remember Dean making a comment about your first newsletter on an AS coaching call. He said news letters could simply be in email format. Your newsletters are so thorough that people like me kind of freeze up. “OH No, I won’t be able to do that,” But your audience may find it appealing and professional. In fact, the newsletter IS appealing and professional!

  • Hi Tony,

    I’ve looked at your magazine and the only word that comes to mind is: wow!

    That being said, I think Alan stated many of the points I wanted to bring around so I won’t repeat those.

    I really think that you’ve got great content for many blog entries or singular email-outs.

    One last note: the link at the bottom of the PDF page shows – which I believe is an error for the link.

    Great work & take care!

    • Thanks for pointing out the error, I have now updated the link. Cheers

  • Tony, I am blown away by your magazine! I dowloaded a copy so I could take a deeper look at it. I have been working on our newsletter and the layout and what information we should include… I can only imagine the amount of time that it takes to create something like you have. So Much Value! and Much Appreciated!

  • Hi Tony,

    I’m sorry, but I find it all too confusing. It took me a good five minutes to get your magazine to be not too small nor too large to read on my laptop. How does it all fit into a smartphone screen? The articles in the magazine look great, although I’ve only scanned through them. Why don’t you simply turn them into individual blog posts? Have you asked Glenn and Sophie for their opinion?


    • Hey Phil, no need to appologies. It works well on phone, and tfor me its fine on my laptop as well, but then again, my laptop does have a good sized screen.

      This is still a bit of an experiment, but the Magazine is a wit broader then my blog focus, though of course there is nothing to stop me using articles as posts on my blog as well. However, let me tell you a bit about my thinking. The world and his wife has a blog, some are excellent, some are not so good, and all are competing for readers, and so as well as great post content, I was looking for a way to stand apart, the magazine I think helps with that. I am also using the magazine as a way of driving traffic to my blog.As I say its early days, just two issues so far, so I will continue to listen to feedback and adjust as I go. Thanks so much for taking the time to feedback to me on your experience and thoughts.

  • Hi Tony, You must put a lot of work and effort into this magazine and I ,must say I enjoy having a read through it. I have downloaded a copy and will have a read through on my tablet. I do thing that the flipbook format really does suite this type of digital publication rather than a pdf


  • Your flip book is awesome! I am going through it and see lots of value. I was particularly drawn to the last two articles for the information and the layout. I think you’ve cracked the presentation. Look forward to reading your next issue.

    • Thanks so much

  • Wow, I am going through your magazine, and it is packed with great information! I am really interested in learning about the TikTok arena, the AI chat function in Facebook and the Google AI offering, and your strategy for using Chat GPT to improve your SEO. Look forward to delving into the magazine, thanks again!

    • Thanks Alison.Glad you are finding it helpful

  • I do like your flip newsletter format.
    I have just joined TikTok in the last few days and it is useful to get the tips that you offer as it is all new to me. I am now trying to find a suitable type of video to post on TikTok.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Wow, there is really a lot of value pack into the magazine.

    Here are my opinions.

    1. I think there might be too much value.

    What I mean is, this can easily be split into 2 issues and still be extremely valuable.

    People are generally busy. So when you offer too much, they might not have the time to consume all information. So that may be a waste, given that you probably spend a lot time creating this magazine.

    2. I think the topics are not focused enough.

    Are you trying to target affiliate marketers or people who do ecommerce or other side hustles?

    For example, you have information about AI patterns. This seems to be for people who are more interested in ecommerce.

    Don’t get me wrong. These information are all extremely valuable to the right people.

    3. How are you planning to get more views for your magazine?

    You have such a great magazine. It will be a waste if you don’t get eyeballs to it.

    Just sharing some of my thoughts. Hope it helps.

    • Hi. All great comments…. I am still experimenting I think. The magazine was envisioned as all things online marketing, not specifically affiliate marketing. I am using a number of vehicles to raise money online (affiliate marketing, paid courses, books on amazon) and so the magazine tends to reflect that.

      I have considered maybe not publishing the magazine, but using the content for individual blogs and email posts. I may still go that way.

      As for eyes on the pages I am working this weekend on setting up a three way soload campaign, 100 clicks to the magazine 100 clicks to my free training course and 100 clicks to the blog, all via a lead capture page. I will also do a email blast to my list. I will let post on the blog how that all goes.

  • I’ve been waiting and looking forward to this! I got so much value from your last newsletter, so I will read with a brew later this afternoon.
    I did flick to the TikTok part as I’ve recently looked into this. I’ve posted 6 pictures to test out the platform and have 92 followers…. I’m going to post videos of me this week to see how I get on.
    Thank you again for all the effort you must put in the create the newsletters. I really appreciate it and genuinely find them valuable.

    • Hey, do post you tiktok link here! Posting videos can be nerve racking, so good on you. And glad you find the magazine helpful


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