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I am NOT a ‘Donkey Slanderer’!

Offended Donkey

Yesterday I was accused of being a donkey Slanderer!

I was talking to a client about my ruin restoration and mentioned that the builders had knocked an opening through to the old donkey shed.

They asked if I was going to get a donkey, and I said only if I got chickens,

“Why only if you get chickens?” they asked, and I explained how donkeys are used to protect the flock from small predators, like foxes.

They laughed, not believing me.

I explained that donkeys kill foxes…. And that was when I was accused of ‘slandering donkeys’!

But it’s true!

It’s just that it is so far removed from their experience that they did not believe me!

More about that is a jiffy, but first an update on the build.

Build Update

The problem with builders!

I am sure this is true worldwide, but getting builders to do what you ask seems nearly impossible at times. Particularly so when you don’t speak the language.

In my case, the builder has made two choices that were not what I asked for, one for the better and one for the worse!

For the better, he has doubled up on all the electrical sockets I wanted, and looking at it now I can see why he has done this.

For example, where I had eight sockets in the office, I now have 16, and as I sit at my desk typing this I have just had a quick count up of what I have now,

The computer, two screens, a NAS drive, a Wi-Fi router, a printer, a USB charging station, a watch charger, a desk lamp, a heater, a shredder and an aircon unit, all share two extension cables as I only have two sockets.

For the worse, he has set the concrete lintels for the windows too low to accommodate the roller shutters I wanted. This means we will have to have the slatted hinged shutters.

OK, so maybe the language barrio does not help, but I do have a Portuguese-speaking project manager, and so this is not so much down to poor communication, as the builder doing things the way he always has and not stopping to ask.


Other things we have changed, with the agreement of the architect.

Moving the cesspit from directly outside the front door (yep that’s where he thought it was best to place it!) to further away and off to the side.

Having mainly sliding doors, rather than hinged. These slide into the wall, and so save a great deal of space.

The layout of the wheelchair-friendly bathroom (so you can now get a wheelchair in there!)

The Progress video

If you want to see the progress, do watch this video.

The other thing!

So whilst the build is progressing, the money raising has been slow. In the past three months I have earned about $400 in sales and commissions… so well short of my 40K!

That kind of brings us back to the donkey slander, you see when I told people I was going to raise 40k through online marketing, quite a few people were disbelievers! AND… on the face of it they were right to be sceptical, I am still well short of the target… so what went wrong?

My plan was always a two-pronged attack!

Long-term: Build a list of prospects I could offer, as an affiliate, Make Money Online products. The list is to be build via my blog, my Youtube, My TikTok and  my Pinterest accounts.

Short Term: Build a list of buyers I can offer my own products. Initially, my products are PLR (private label rights)  courses, and a product launch AI prompt kit.

Both of these plans have been hindered by my two biggest flaws:

A lack of focus

A lack of commitment.

(Oh its easy to claim I have been busy, and whilst that’s true, I have not been so busy that I could not have found time to work on my affiliate business)

I am one of those people who find an external deadline helpful. I need to have a specific date that others are holding me to. So things like my own products tend to suffer as  I lose focus and waste time.

So This weekend I am committed to working at least 6 hours on my sales pages for my Launch product and getting May’s Magazine out.

I will let you know how I get on, in my next week’s blog, and if I fail, feel free to give me a good roasting!


What do you do to keep focused and motivated, let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “I am NOT a ‘Donkey Slanderer’!

  • Hi Tony,
    Well done on keeping up the focus on your business. I have subscribed to your magazine and I am so impressed with the thought and planning that has gone into it. All that and juggling with donkeys and incomprehensible builders! You have a very busy plate. It’s been fascinating to witness what you are doing.

  • Hi Tony,
    Learnt something today – about donkeys and how keeping the focus helps in the short and long run.
    It was never going to be an easy road; it was going to be filled with ups and downs and sideswipes – but the fact that you’re continuing your journey is something you should be proud of.
    Can’t wait to read what I’ll learn next week!
    Keep the focus my friend 🙂

  • I didn’t know that about donkeys! I couldn’t imagine that they would be quick enough to catch a fox?
    The building is coming on really well, it’s making progress. The language barrier much be frustrating at times but at least you have someone in camp that can bridge the gap for you. Building work is hard, patients is definitely key.
    I hope you’ve been spending time with the grandchildren too!
    Good luck with your May newsletter, be kind to yourself!

  • Hi Tony,
    It looks like you’re coming along with your house from the last time I saw it. It can be frustrating at times when things don’t go as you thought they would. It will get there though.

    It seems you’re working at your business too, and getting things done. It’s easy to get off track since it’s so easy for all of us to lose focus and commitment sometimes. I struggle with this too sometimes. As long as we always come back to it, and progress forward then it will be fine. Thanks!

  • Hi, Tony! I’m so excited about the progress being made on your house. The views from the windows are beautiful! I enjoyed hearing the birds sing. You are crafting your own bit of paradise 🙂

    I grew up with goats and, later, donkeys. They are also great at getting rid of snakes. I don’t know if that’s a problem in Portugal. It was funny. My husband brought up the prospect of someday living on land in the country, and without thinking, I said, but then we’d have to get goats to kill the snakes. Lol! They definitely keep peace of mind. I can see how donkeys would also protect your chickens.

    It’s funny how that does relate to people being skeptical of affiliate marketing. So much of the business is self-started, and I think people from the outside have trouble seeing that all that work is going to pay off. My sister asked me how many hours I have to work before I see money, and I was taken aback. That’s not how this business works! I would be so discouraged if I looked at it that way, but others don’t see the same light at the end of the tunnel.

    I think it’s neat that you are making progress on your house at the same time as starting your business. The progress on your home mirrors the progress being made in your business. They will grow together, and both will be celebrated as they come to completion!

    Good luck with your magazine this week. I am certainly looking forward to it!

  • Thanks for keeping us appraised of your home building projects. I love the perseverance. When you first told us about your project, I knew you were going to meet your goals! It may not happen exactly at the time you wish or envisioned, but it will happen!

  • That be a new term for me – donkey slanderer, lol. I was not aware of donkeys as being the protectors of chickens.

    I’m not sure what the work culture is like in Portugal – but for better or for worse – work is getting done. I have a YouTuber I follow from Costa Rica and he’s always complaining about how contractors in that country work on Tico Time. He’s just lucky when they show up months later after being contracted to do something.

    I do hope a good roasting is NOT in order for next week, lol. I find that while my daily list making and prioritization keeps me focussed, it is a really good supportive community of like-minded folks that keep me motivated.

    Tony, Best of luck on your ventures and staying focussed!

  • Tony, It sounds like you’re facing some challenges with your project, but I admire your determination to push through despite setbacks. Builders can be tricky to deal with, especially when there’s a language barrier involved, but it’s great that you have a project manager who can help bridge that gap. Your plans for your online marketing business sound ambitious, and while there may have been some skepticism from others, it’s clear you’re committed to making it work. Keep pushing forward and focusing on your goals, and I’m sure you’ll see progress soon. Good luck with your sales pages and magazine, and don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go exactly as planned – progress takes time! you are a great inspiration to me and I like you social media videos, thanks, Atif

  • Staying focused on my journey is the part I found to be the most difficult. With my 9 to 5 job, plus the hours lost in the traffic, and now my tax reports I need to complete, I don’t have much spare time for my business. In your case you have a nice project that requires a lot of attention (It takes time to be behind the workers to ensure they do the right thing😄). It is remarkable what you do with those ruins by the way. Well to keep the focus necessitates time and if I would have found how to make people save time in a day, I guess I would be millionaire already.

    • Hi Martin, yes its the age old issue, always something else shouting for attention. Sometimes I get paralysed with indecision as I look and what to do next.

  • I did not know that about donkeys, but my friend and business partner on my real estate projects has a farm, and she has alpaca that guard the chickens, and their poop is like gold for fertilizing and growing! Mother nature is fascinating! I commend you for recognizing your flaws and holding yourself accountable. As you said, it is easy to make excuses; finding what works for you, like setting deadlines, is great, and you should be proud of yourself for recognizing this tendency and doing what you can to stay on track and get stuff done. Kudos to you!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Alison. I have a genuine Alpaca jumper, bought in Peru. The store that I bought it make me choose between two jumpers to see if I could tell the difference, it was amazing, the genuine one was noticeably cooler to the touch.


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