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If your name is not on the list, you are not getting in!

Get ready to meet the Google and Yahoo Heavies!

I have been getting ready to build my email list, and so I have needed to look at the new email sending rules.

As of this week, two of the biggest email services effectively put bouncers on the door to their customers’ email boxes! And that is good news for those who receive emails AND those who send them.

For too long spammers have been filling our email boxes with low-value adverts and junk.

The move to limit what email gets delivered is good news for those who receive all this junk, but also for legitimate email marketers.

If we set our services right, send valuable emails to those who want to get them, and respect their time, we will invited to the party, and those that don’t will get banned.

So here’s the bottom line…

They won’t let you in unless you meet their three demands.

Demand 1:  SPF (Sender Policy Framework).

It’s like showing your ID at the door to prove you’re the real deal. No ID, no entry, Fake ID, no entry.  

The Solution is to publish an SPF record in your domain settings to let everyone know you’re legit.

Demand 2: DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).

It’s like having a secret handshake with the bouncers. You create a special code that they can check to make sure nobody messed with your invite.

The Solution is to generate and publish  DKIM keys.

Demand 3:  DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance).

It’s like giving the bouncers extra instructions on how to handle party crashers. Do you want them sent to the spam corner, kicked out completely, or just given a warning?

The Solution is to set the DMARC policy for your domain and take control!

Do It, Get Help If You Need To, But Do It

What about you, are you planning to use email in your online business? Or are you already doing so? Then you need to address the three items above.

Now if all this seems like a mystery, don’t worry, your email or Autoresponder provider will have detailed instructions and can help you.

If you want a technical help sheet, I have created one here

»»» Forty Short Email Fact Sheet «««

Once set up, check everything is fine by visiting your emails reach the inbox.

By building trust with email providers and their audiences, you’ll be on your way to email marketing stardom and get into all the best parties!

Comment below on your top tips for creating engaging emails, I would love to hear your ideas.

25 thoughts on “If your name is not on the list, you are not getting in!

  • Hi Tony, That was a great explanation of the new rules and the way to implement the safeguards. I never appreciated fully what we were instructed to do in WordPress but with your help I do now. Thank you!

  • Spammers ruin it for everyone, huh! Thanks for putting definitions to these acronyms. I can work around a computer well enough, but when it comes to this deeper stuff, well, leys just say I’m lost. So thank you for this valuable post!

  • Hey Tony, thanks for make the email fact sheet printed and putting right in front of me to see as soon as I sit down. In the long run I think these rules will only benefit us. Thanks again for the little resource and I look forward to your future posts. Have a great week ahead!

  • We can be thankful with our Affiliate System Software. What an awesome opportunity to be led to doing the right thing- the first time. As also mentioned, your explanation makes sense of what we are doing in Dean’s training. The more we know what we learn, we will soon know what we don’t presently know!

  • Tony,
    What an awesome breakdown of the new email rules! I really appreciate you throwing in that technical help sheet to break down the steps even further—it’s super helpful. This post is bound to be a game-changer for a lot of folks. Also, I got a kick out of the bouncer reference—nicely done!

  • Hi Tony!
    I appreciated your instructional post about these new email requirements.
    I am hesitant about revising things for fear of messing something up, but I downloaded your PDF for reference.
    My autoresponder is set up in Builderall. I wonder if they automatically took care of this issue.
    Anyhow… thank you for giving me an important “To Check and possibly To Do” item to keep my business on track!
    I look forward to future posts!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  • Tony, amazing as always. That’s a really good and helpful description of the three new demands for the email providers. Unfortunately I think so many people will get caught out not realising that has happened or not changing habits. The way you laid it out makes it very clear of what’s changed and what you need to do. And thank you so much for the attachment with all the extra detail on it that’s very useful. Thanks. I hope the house is getting along really well and I look forward to hearing the next chapter. Take care thanks, Atif

    • Thanks Atif

      Once the weather improves and work starts in earnest I will be updating more regularly on the house.

  • You are so smart on the tech end. I downloaded that sheet, I’m assuming I have done everything correctly, but will double check when i have a free moment (ha free moment!)

    Not sure on how you are with spelling but this jumped out at me. Thought you might want to fix.
    Do It, Get Help If Youy Need To, But Do It

    This was a great to the point short post… loved it!
    Keep them coming Tony, thanks again.


    • Thanks Sandy My spelling is aweful, (ha ha) which is my I use Grammarly, but I missed that, so thanks for pointing it out. I will fic it now.

  • Hi Tony, Thanks for posting such great information about the new rules. I have completed the steps but was unsure what each step actually meant. I will download your sheet, so helpful and most appreciated 😊

  • Tony,
    appreciate your explanations as I just followed a process without knowing why. So thanks and for your factsheet.

  • Hey T-man I am with you I have like 4,000 unread emails. That said, I have noticed a drop-off in my inbox have you. I think this is going to give folks that play by the new rules a massive inbox advantage over the competition which should help our conversions. Do you agree?

    • I honestly hope we will see a drop off, but I am pessimistic.

      First, these spammers seem adept at navigating around the rules, they think nothing of running multiple accounts that they are prepared to crash and burn. One reason for this is that email providers offer free trials so these guys can simlpy build sending addresses at no cost.

      Second, I don’t use Yahoo or google, and neither do many of the spammers, so I think I will still get hit.

  • Great blog and perfect explanation Tony!
    Can’t wait until it really kicks in – starting to receive more and more spam and I’m hoping that these new parameters will help.
    One thing is for sure, all these spammers will have to find another way to get their emails to us!

  • Oh, this is an exciting post with beneficial information, but you gave me a job. So, I am sure I did DKIM, but I am unsure about other things. I believe DMARC is integrated into my autoresponder GetResponse, but I must learn how to validate SPF. Could you share how to check it or enable it?

    • Hi Sasha, its in the fact sheet, so just click the link to download (no sign up required)

      • i’ve noticed the link for download. thank you

  • Tony, what a great breakdown of the new email rules. I have previously been informed about this but I haven’t seen anything quite as detailed as this that broke it down. I’m still learning as I go along in this journey, but your sheet will help me tremendously.

    • Glad you find it helpful

  • Thank you for breaking down the new email requirements in a really fun way that is easy to understand. I knew about the requirements but I learned so much reading your post!

  • Hi Tony,

    I love your bouncers analogy.

    Anyway, please correct me if I am wrong.

    I believe SPF is not necessary? At least, that’s what I read from Aweber.

    So you only need to worry about setting up a custom sending domain, DKIM and DMARC?

    • I think I would say it is Highly Desirable rather than necessary. It helps stop people spoofing your email address, howver with some providers, such as Aweber, they do this for you anyway, so it is not necessary on their platform/

  • This is the best explanation of what to do for the new email requirements that I’ve seen! I’m not technical at all. I’ve done the steps but have had no understanding of them. I feel better having some sense of what the purpose is. I’ve saved your worksheet for future reference. Thanks!

    • Glad it helped, and that of course, as you have already this set up you can now hang out at all the cool parties!


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