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Jungle Guide

My brother and I had traveled to the Manu Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Along with our local guide, Jojo, we had traveled for days by van, foot, and boat, over the mountain ranges, across rivers, and through the cloud forest to arrive at our final jungle lodge.

I will tell you in a bit, why having the right guide in business is so important, but first a bit more about this trip and “Hive of Death!”

Our Guide: Jojo

You Need A Guide

The Amazon is a big and scary place where it is easy to get lost, and so we needed a guide.

We chose Jojo.

During the journey, we discovered three important things about Jojo

1: He was immensely knowledgeable about the jungle and its inhabitants, pointing out all manner of creatures we would have never known were there if not for his eagle eye.

2: He was great fun and quickly picked up on our quirky humor. He not only joined in our Tarzan call competition each night, but he also cajoled the poor lodge staff to stand up and be judged on their “Ahhhh,ahhhhh,aaaaaaahhhhhrrrs” as well.

3: He was a great big scaredy cat! He was scared of the spiders, scared of the snakes, scared of the Cayman! Oh, how we laughed when, wading through a river my brother threw a small log just behind him!

Zip Wire

Something that had surprised me about the Amazon Forest, was how it was both so dead and alive, at the same time. Everywhere, there was rotting vegetation, and everywhere there was new growth. That made the trek through the Jungle hard going at times, particularly for my brother who suffers from Crohn’s disease-related arthritis.

So on this particular day, we set out to reach the peak of a steep, high hill, so we could zip line down from treetop to tree top.

Because the path up the hillside hadn’t been used for many weeks, the path had become completely overgrown. As JoJo, with a machete half his size cut us a path, my brother and I followed, careful to keep out of the way of that razor sharp, glittering blade

Once we got to the top of the hill, we discovered that the gear that we would need to travel down the zip line was actually at the bottom of the other side of the hill.

It would be another hot sweaty trek down and up again, and so we decided to leave my brother at the top, whilst Jojo and I went to retrieve the gear from the bottom.

As I’ve mentioned; If a path isn’t used, it is quickly reclaimed by the jungle, and so we set off, with Jojo slightly ahead, cutting a path through the thick, dense greenery.  I followed just behind.

Tony and Mike in Indiana Jones hats

Me and Mike (Indiana Crohns) on our way into the Amazon Rain Forest.

The Death Hive

We had only gone 100 yards or so into the forest, when suddenly, JoJo started to shout “Waspy, waspy, waspy!”

He turned and ran!

In his enthusiastic efforts to cut us a new path, he had sliced a hornet’s nest in half! These little creatures are not best known for their laid-back and forgiving manner! They were now angrily looking for someone to blame!

As he retreated as quickly as he could up the path, he pushed me to the ground and scrambled over me!

I discovered, somewhat painfully that you do not have to be particularly fast to outrun these blighters, you just need to be faster than the fat sweaty gringo you just pushed over!

I managed to follow Jojo up the hill with only a few painful stings to spur me on!

To be fair to Jojo we had a fantastic time in the forest, it was, in the true meaning of the word, awesome, and I would not hesitate to follow him back into the Amazon, it’s just that next time I would stand a bit further back!

My Affiliate Guide

So, that brings me nicely to the subject of my venture into the sometimes dark and mysterious world of making money online.

I mean we have all heard tales of those individuals who struck gold and now live a dream lifestyle earning silly money online. We hear about Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and a host of other Make Money Online opportunities, so it’s not surprising we can end up lost and confused.

That’s why it makes sense to have a guide, someone who can advise you on the correct path, help you avoid getting lost, and see that you make the most of the opportunity. So let me introduce you to the guide I will be following in this venture.


Dean has been a successful online entrepreneur for years now. He runs the highly successful coaching program Internet Profits, has helped with wife create a successful online Beauty Brand, has spoken at major online marketing events, has published a best-selling book on Internet marketing, and is pulling in tens of thousands of dollars a month.

So he knows what he is on about, but…..whilst that is compelling in itself, that is not the reason he is my guide in this particular venture.

The reason I chose him for this venture is because Dean has just launched a brand new platform called Affiliate System. ( And before you ask, sorry, but it is in private beta at present, so you can’t join just yet) and along with that, is running a four-week coaching program called ´The Beginners Advantage´ .

If I am going to have any chance of making op that 40k shortfall, then I need to follow a plan, so…I am starting from scratch, and following Dean step by step as he walks me through setting up my online presence and starting to make an income from it.

In my next blog, I will tell you about why I spent today up a tree (well several in fact) and what that has to do with this blog.

Meanwhile, if you want to get to know Dean a bit, check out my ‘Dean Shorts’ page.

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