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May Magazine Out Now!

Last edition we spoke about User Generated Content, so in this edition we have a great example. See page 6.

We have a very interesting interview with Dr Richard Kaye, hear how he managed to stand out against 300 local competitors! See page 13.

What were the four words that took a failure to 25k a month? See page 26.

The magazine is jammed packed with useful stuff so take a look now… MAY’S MAGAZINE HERE

What about last week’s promise?

Do you remember I said you could give me a roasting if I did not get the magazine out, or spend 6 hours on my product launch!

Well, I guess I do deserve a little roasting.

I managed to get the magazine out, albeit a day late…. I blame the grandkids!

The Magazine

I was al set to get the work done on Saturday, but I had forgotten I had said I would take the kids down to the Algarve to get bikes.

So before 8 am Saturday we set out, so that I could get on with the magazine after lunch, but as you may well know, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy”,

1st stop, Decathlon to get both girls their bikes….


Decathlon only has one bike suitable, so we purchase that, and a bike rack to get it home.


I forgot there was a spare wheel on the back of Abby (Abby is my 28-year-old Land Rover Discovery).

No problem, I will take that off and fix the carrier.


There is 25 years of rust holding the nuts on tight.

No problem, I will have to strap it to the roof rack.


I am a ‘short arse’ and I cant reach to strap it down securely, so off I go to buy a step ladder!

About one hour later… all sorted and we set off in search of another bike shop.

We walk in and…. there is was the perfect dream bike…. Sander’s little eye lit up and she was so excited.

Being smaller that fitted into Abby’s boot (‘truck’ for my non English speaking American friends).

We stopped for lunch in the Algarve and set off home


My new medication kicked in and left me very drowsy, so for the first time ever, I pulled off the road, into the shade and had to have a sleep!

By the time we got in, I went straight to bed and hence no magazine!

6 Hours

I did though manage to six hours on my product. I am having to re-write a fair bit of it… but its will all be for the good.

Thanks for reading, and do let me know your own planning triumphs and failures in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “May Magazine Out Now!

  • Tony,
    What a day you had. Glad you were able to get bikes for both girls. Although you certainly had a few roadblocks/setbacks you pushed thorough and eventually got the bikes and everyone back home! Isn’t that how business goes sometimes? But like you we need to keep going and everything will work out. I thoroughly enjoy your magazine. Keep them coming.

  • Hi Tony,
    That’s just how it goes sometimes.. You make a plan to get some things done then something else pops up that you forgot about.
    It’s great you had that time with your kids. Time is precious with young ones. You made them happy!
    I’m so impressed with your magazines. I wouldn’t know the first thing on how to create one of those. Great job! Keep it up.

  • This reminds me of the Mike Tyson quote, “Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face.” But anyhow, what are we doing this stuff for if we don’t have time to spend with our families – those experiences can’t wait.

  • Tony, I really like your magazines.
    I think that it is a wonderful monthly achievement.
    I read your previous post as well and see that you’re having difficulty doing work on your products as you need a deadline to keep on track.

    I wonder what steps you take to do the magazine each month….

    You are a good storyteller and I enjoyed the story of taking the kids down to the Algarve to get bikes.

    I’ve spent time in the Algarve in Taveria and near the sea in Altura and loved it.
    I miss walking along the coastline. You are sooooo lucky.
    I think it will all come together soon!……

  • Why can’t everything be simple and work the first time? How frustrating for you. Still, you got the May issue of the magazine done. It must have taken ages. You are so professional!

    • My mantra in life is….l “nothing is simple”. Thanks for the comment

  • Your recount of your day was so funny. Not for you feeling drowsy with the new meds but just because it just mimics my day too, and coincidentally with a bike in Decathlon… I’m kind of glad someone else has crazy days. When they see the perfect bike, who are we to step in their way?

    I really enjoyed reading the interview with Richard kaye and yet again the magazine is incredible.
    Well done for getting it all done!

    • Thanks Sarah, I think we all have days like that, or even weeks! We just need to keep going.


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