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First Rodeo?

I have a confession… this is not my first Rodeo

About a year ago I started to create some Private Lable Rights Training Material. (I will tell you more about that another time.)

It sold OK for a week and then it died down to a trickle. Mainly because I ignored my online business.

For months I felt that I needed to get back in the game, but to be honest, I lacked the motivation…

But that all changed … fast

First I got a wake-up call about needing to raise the extra 40K to build my house.

Then I was notified of this brand new marketing platform and beginners course open to a few early adopters.

The timing was perfect and I decided to start anew, build on this new platform, and follow the Beginners Advantage training…

But none of us are free from our past

So imagine my surprise when, a few days into this new blog, out of the blue I got notifications from Click Bank that two of the courses had just been sold.

So a couple of things to mention here

1: The internet can work for you even when you forget about it. Those digital assets are still there and available for sale.

2: Here is proof you can make money online (it’s not much I grant you, but it proves the point)

3: As I reignite my online business following Dean’s guidance, I will be able to draw on these past efforts to get ahead.

4: I will be telling all about my different endeavors right here on this blog, explaining what I am doing, and how to do it yourself.

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So if this IS your first Rodeo, drop me a line and let me know if I can help you in any waty

All the best


A quick snapshot of last years PLR earnings

PS, I just need to do this four more times!

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