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The Power of Visuals:

UPDATE; Banner now changed See my next post for details.

Here is what it used to look like when I wrote this post »

So I want you to be honest…… that blue box on the top right of this page, the one offering details of my free training course, it sucks right?

I mean its OKish, it could be worse (if I tried hard) but does it scream high quality, highly engaging, top-notch website banner?

No it does not!

Some Context

My oldest son had his digital artwork displayed in the London Science Museum

Now let  me put this into some context,

My youngest son had his digital artwork referenced in a book dedicated to the art of Second Life

Even my ten-year-old granddaughter published a colouring in book……

and me….

after hours of blood sweat and tears….

I generate a blue box!

To be clear, it did not start out as a blue box, oh no, I had to work hard to get it to that point.

I embarked on this noble quest armed only with my mouse and a half-empty coffee cup.

First,  Fonts

Choosing the right font is akin to navigating a jungle with only a butter knife.

How the heck do you prune the list of available options?

Next, Colours, (and Yes my American friends, that is the correct spelling)

Choosing the perfect shade of blue was an emotional roller coaster.

It’s like trying to find true love on a dating app; you think you’ve found “the one,” but then they turn out to be more “aquamarine” than “cerulean.”

Then, the Image

Good luck with that! It’s like trying to find something to watch on Netflix, you start with one, get bored, look for another, lose the plot, and end up wondering why the same films are in every row you scroll through.

I need to do better…

So this week, the task is to find a graphic tool and master the art of Banner making…

Keep looking up to the left, very soon it is going to WOW you!

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