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Unleashing Creativity with ChatGPT in Affiliate Marketing

So this week I have continued to explore the world of AI, and in particular, how I can use it to generate content that is something other than blog posts or emails

I think that one of the ways AI helps is to get you past that “Blank Page” stage, where you have an idea but you don’t know where to start. That was where I was this week.

You see, having waited for the rain to stop, my builders finally started taking the roof down…. only to have it start to rain again, … in the Alentejo….in June….unheard of!

I thought this would make a great country song!

if affiliate marketing were a country song

So I turned to AI.

Once you get started with an idea, and if you are willing to experiment and tweak your prompt, and take a chance, it is my belief that AI can help you make great content…and here I am putting that belief to the test,

This is an experiment, and like all experiments, it could fail miserably but….. it might just work…. We will see.

This is my current in-flight project, and hopefully next week I can post the full result!

I asked AI to write a county song for me about Affiliate Marketing!

I had a few goes at getting the prompt right, and this is what I ended up with

“create a country music song in the style of Johnny Cash about affiliate marketing, including the fact that you had to hide it from your wife, that you bought many useless shiny objects, that you got misled, false promises of get rich quick, and the true answer which is to generate traffic, collect leads, email offers and be consistent, also include something about how if you are consistent people will get to know like and trust you.”

(I started with “In the style of Dolly Parton”, but to be honest, I realised I did not have the body to carry that off)

I will post the result of that prompt at the end of this post, but first, let me tell you how I intend to use this.

I have gone over to to find a country singer who will record the song for me.

There were so many great options, and the prices varied significantly. I decided to keep my budget as low as possible and sent emails off to a few of the offers.I am waiting for their response.

Once I get the recording, I will use AI to create a music video.

I may even do a few shots of myself lip-syncing along. (I sing is the key of ‘OFF’)

Then I will post on social media, with the idea of simply getting views, to sell, just upping my profile visibility.

Well that’s the plan, and I will let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile, here is the song AI wrote for me!

(Verse 1)
Well, I started out just a regular Joe,
Workin’ nine to five, just a tryna to make some dough.
Then I heard ’bout a thing called affiliate marketing,
Sounded like a gold mine, so I jumped right in.
Told my wife it was a hobby, nothing serious, you see,
But little did she know, it’d become my spending spree.
Bought every shiny object promising fast cash,
Turns out they were all just snake oil, pure balderdash.
Affiliate marketing, you seduced me so,
Your false promises they glitter and they glow.
But over time I’ve learned a lesson or two,
It’s all about traffic, leads, and followin’ through.
(Verse 2)
I fell for schemes promising riches overnight,
But instead, I got headaches and a lot of sleepless nights.
My inbox was flooded with a thousand get-rich-quick emails,
But reality hit hard, like a ton of rusty nails.
I kept it hush-hush, didn’t want the wife to fret,
She’d think I was crazy, getting deeper into debt.
But behind closed doors, I was diggin’ for gold,
Learning the ropes, doin’ as I was told.
Oh, affiliate marketing, you crushed my soul
I almost gave up, but now Im on a role
No more chasing rainbows, or magical pills,
Just generating traffic, paying them bills.
Now I’m buildin’ trust, one email at a time,
With consistency, my brand, it starts to shine.
People gettin’ to know me, like and trust too,
They see I’m genuine, not just passin’ through.
(Verse 3)
So here’s to all the rookies, listen to the truth I spill,
Don’t fall for the hype like I know you will.
It ain’t ’bout instant fortune, or fancy cars,
It’s ’bout steady progression, reachin’ for the stars
Affiliate marketing, will test the man within
But with patience and smarts, you’ll surely win.
So learn from my follies, and take it slow,
That’s the secret sauce, now ya know.
Oh, affiliate marketing, you’ve taught me well,
Not just a scheme, but a story to tell.
It’s about the journey, the lessons we find,
Success it comes with the right state of mind.
So here’s to the hustlers, with dreams in their eyes,
Keep pushin’ forward, under blue and starry skies.
Affiliate marketing, my old friend and foe,
Together we’ll conquer, wherever we go.

8 thoughts on “Unleashing Creativity with ChatGPT in Affiliate Marketing

  • Hi Tony,
    That sounds like a very cool idea! I hope it goes viral when you post it!
    I read through the song and I thinks it’s quite good.
    It’s going to be interesting to hear the finished product!
    All the best as you work on this:-)

  • Yes, this is a great read, and thoroughly enjoyed your latest venture into the world of AI and content creation!
    Your approach to blending AI with creative expression is exciting learning the innovative ways of using AI.

    AI tools can provide a springboard for ideas and can help refine concepts into polished content.
    It’s great to see how you’re leveraging AI to bring your country song to life.

    By combining AI-generated lyrics with the talents of a professional musician, this collaboration is opening new avenues for creative expression.

    Your idea to create a music video and lip sync is a creative approach that will help you to build an audience.

    PS. I love, love the lyrics and look forward to hearing the tune.

  • It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun with this. Who knew you could hire country and western singers on Fiverr? I can’t wait to hear the result – it’ll be a hoot on any platform you choose to post it on!

  • Tony you will definitely go viral on TT! Now all your gonna need is a rhinestone outfit! Can’t wait to see the final reel!

  • What an adventure you’re on with AI and country music! I love how you turned a rainy day into a creative experiment. Your project sounds super fun and unique. Can’t wait to see the final music video, but I think it would be better for you to having a staring role! lol

    Good luck with the Fiverr responses and the video production. Keep us posted on how it all goes, and enjoy the process. This is such a cool way to mix AI with creativity!

  • This is such a creative and fun project! I love how you’re leveraging AI to break through creative blocks and explore new content formats beyond traditional blog posts and emails. Your country song idea about affiliate marketing—especially with the humorous twist—sounds like a fantastic way to engage your audience in a fresh way.

    The process of getting the song performed on Fiverr is also a smart move, and it’s great that you’re mindful of your budget while still aiming for quality. I love Fiverr and Upwork as these platforms open so much potential and AI is my best friend right now – lol! I can’t wait to see how the final music video turns out, especially with the added touch of you lip-syncing along!

    Have you considered documenting this entire process as a behind-the-scenes mini-series? Sharing the journey from concept to final product could be super engaging for your followers and provide valuable insights into using AI for creative projects. Looking forward to the next update!

  • Hi Tony,

    That sounds like such a fun and creative project! Your approach to combining a country music song with affiliate marketing is truly unique. I can’t wait to see the final product, especially with your plans for the music video and your own lip-syncing shots. It’s sure to get plenty of attention and boost your visibility. Best of luck, and please keep us posted on how it all turns out!


  • What a unique Idea in upping your online presence! I look forward to hearing the results – especially you lip-syncing in the key of off, lol.


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