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Well.. that didn´t happen!

I had a plan of action for last weekend…

It was going to be ultra-productive!

I had my ‘post it’s’ written out, I knew what I wanted to achieve, I was up
for it, but…, it just did not happen!

The Plan

  •  Publish My Monthly Magazine
  •  Post On My Blog
  • Create three solo ad landing pages
  • Create three pieces of solo ad copy
  • Create 2 YouTube videos
  • Record LPP 20 training videos


The reality


I did publish the magazine and the blog.

I prioritised these two tasks as I need to keep publishing content regularly and consistently. 

Truth be told though I am slipping against this. My last two Tuesday posts were not published at all, and my last two Saturday posts have been a day late. I am aware I need to address this.


Sunday was hijacked by the grandkids!

We had three of them come over for four hours to give their mum a break.

It was great fun, we built bird boxes, we played board games, we built models in Play-Doh and snuggled down with a book or two.

However… that was four hours out of my weekend plan!

You know what though? I would do the same again.

I understand the need to be disciplined, I know I need to stay focused, but time with my grandkids is a treat and an indulgence I am happy to sacrifice time for.

kids building bird boxes


This blog is a well-guarded secret…. very few know about it…. so I need to start driving traffic.

My plan is to use YouTube as a main source of both free and paid traffic, but traffic to what?

I wanted to run a 300-click campaign to determine what I should be sending traffic to. 

The idea was that I would have three landing pages, one direct to my free training course, one to a free ebook, and one direct to the blog…

That way I can see what signups I get from each source.

I was also going to create two YouTube videos to launch a couple of days apart.

Neither of these happened, I simply ran out of time.

I was also planning to create twenty short training videos for my new product “Launch Prompt Pro“, however, again due to time I managed to just get 6 done.

So what am I going to do about it?

The short answer is NOTHING.

The time has gone, I can’t get it back, there is nothing I can do to change that.

I work full-time on a day job, and this week I have been traveling, I have grandkids, and life in general means that a plan is always going to be a work of fiction, an aspiration at best. If it holds for an hour I will be happy

So I am not going to beat myself up for failing.

I am not going to console myself by saying, “But look how much you DID do”

I am simply going to add those tasks to this weekend’s task list and keep moving forward.

How do deal with things that don’t go to plan? Let me know in the chat below,

18 thoughts on “Well.. that didn´t happen!

  • Tony,

    Though we all have busy schedules & long lists of todos. We still need to take the time to stop & smell the roses.

    Sometimes that means leaving something’s undone. I have never heard anyone say they wish they could have worked more. Rather, they do wish they had more time with family & friends.

    It can be difficult to find the balance. No need to beat yourself up. As you said past is past & now it’s time to move forward.

    You are doing an awesome job & know you will succeed.


  • Hi Tony, Don’t worry mate, it happens to me all the time and I don’t have a full time job or grand kids or kids of any description. I look at it this way; if I didn’t do it today, there’s always tomorrow. And there’s no point in rushing it just to get it done. I’ll do a much better job if I take my time.
    You are doing a fantastic job, by the way!

  • We don’t own anything in life, not really…. What we do own fully are memories. The grandkids have their hearts full as I’m sure you do too. You say 4 hours went by but you could argue that 4 hours doing heart warming things was the boost you needed.
    Saying that, I completely sympathise as your distraction is my everyday.
    I wish you luck with your post it notes this week- it will be the most productive yet!

  • Plans need action. Sometimes it is early in the morning of late at night. I try to write my blog when the family is napping. I am human as well. Nice to know you are not unique. in your journey

  • Tony, firstly you didn’t fail. Stuff happened life happened it’s okay. You got to spend time with your grandkids which is always special. I love your idea of having three landing pages and having traffic sent to each one separately. That’s a very good strategy for building up an audience that you can almost tag for different content. It always amazes me how much you take on and how much you produce each week. It really is incredible. Keep going. Keep up the good work. Take care Atif

  • Hi Tony,
    Great post but you forgot one big thing: YOU DID SOMETHING! and you’re going forward!
    You can’t beat that my friend; as long as we’re going forward, we’re ahead.
    I’ve also cut down on the “to-do” lists – I’ve read the ONE THING by Gary Keller – its helped me better manage my time immensely – and now only list 3 things to do. Anything over that is gravy!
    Whatever you may think, you’re doing great and love the pictures with the grandkids!

  • Hey Tony, it looks like you have a lot to do and not enough spare time to do everything. Welcome to the club! I know what it is when you have a full time day job and other activities as well. You are a human. I still don’t have grandkids, but I got children that require a lot of attention. We unfortunately can’t add hours to a day and we need to sleep as well. Remember it’s not about the time we have but what we do with that time that make it so important.
    On this, enjoy those great moments, I wish I could learn to do those bird boxes.

  • Tony, I can appreciate that you are dedicated to holding yourself accountable on your tasks… but I have to disagree with you on one point: there’s nothing about what I read here that would indicate anything remotely resembling “failure.” You maybe didn’t progress at the speed to which you liked.. or accomplish what you wanted in the last week or two, but you’re still progressing. The only way I would EVER deem anything of this as “failure” is if you didn’t care, or you stopped progressing altogether. You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with and you’re moving forward with your business with sheer determination and action…. none of which falls within the same galaxy as “failure.” You’re an inspiration to me and I am enjoying following your process! I can’t wait to hear more about it next week!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, although I failed to complete the tasks, you are right… I am not a failure!

  • Good to know you would take the same digression again.

    I believe the grand kids and life itself needs to take a prominent spot on your task list.

    Going forward, if other things divert you from completing your current task list items – I think you’ll know whether they also should be put prominently on your task list.

    There is NO failure in that.

  • I used to arise early and meditate and journal for at least an hour. But now I arise at 4 or 5 am and do my non negotiables- blog, video and podcast. Then I meditate as a reward. That way, my work is done and I can concentrate on research for the rest of the day. Also take walks and socialize.

    Your grandkids are non negotiables, too!

    • More like they won’t negotiate! Thanks for the encouragement

  • Yes, we cannot get time back but I agree with Nakina that it is also good to celebrate the small successes. I find it helps to remind myself how far I’ve come as it helps me to acknowledge what I’ve done and keeps me going forward.

    I also agree with Ernie about the amount of work you accomplish each week. That is inspirational to me.

    • Thanks Eleanor, and yes. I certainly like to celebrate my wins…. like when I was putting the magazine together and it just would not work, but eventually, I figured it out and celebrated that win by stopping banking my head against the wall….;0)

  • Tony, I have to admit when I read your “plan,” I thought WOW, that is a lot to get done this week! I have a habit of creating a large list of goals each week and often run out of time despite my best efforts. Yesterday, on my day off from 9 to 5, I woke up at 7 am and worked on my affiliate and publishing businesses until 10:30 pm. The days seem to be speeding by, and if it wasn’t for my post it’s I think I would feel more overwhelmed (lol). Your six-point plan is ambitious, and I look forward to seeing your journey. I would love to know more about your traffic strategy. What is a 300-click campaign? And how can it help you determine what to send traffic to?

    • Your wish is my command! In my next post I will explain what I am doing with my 300 click campaign and why,

  • Hey, Tony! I’m glad you got that precious time with your grandkids! How do I deal with interruptions? I’m prioritizing my tasks and scheduling them into blocks of time. I’m planning on asking for advice on this topic this week. I only have a few hours a day to work on my business, and there’s no time to do all I aspire to do. I need help knowing what priorities would be best. So, I start the week with a plan and adjust as interruptions arise. Then, I celebrate my achievements! Looking back and feeling bad about what I didn’t do is easy. But, I try to feel good about what I’ve done. By focusing on the right tasks, my business will take off! Those little celebrations reinforce the idea I’m building it and doing great!

  • Tony – I just love your attitude! Giving up time to work and replacing that time with the grandkids is priceless! I get it as I am there as well. I am up early because I know I will get to see my grandkids later. So, what do we do, we adjust priorities to make our life puzzle fit better. Your 6-point plan is admirable. I look forward to seeing you make it happen on your own time. Have a great week!


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