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When the gods frown on you

What should have been a solid days work has taken me just under a week!

They say

“To err is human…to really screw things up it takes a computer!”

Picture this…. I am building a blog about how to make money online and so I spend time putting together an easy-to-understand set of tutorials for those that want to know more.

No problem

But I want to be able to deliver them one day at a time over seven days so as not to cause anyone to get overwhelmed.

A bit more difficult, but not to worry as my new platform Affiliate System has a membership area I can add the tutorials to and then release one day at a time….

Except that the membership area does not have the ability to release one module at a time, or it might have that capacity, but I could not work out how to get it to work (I now have a support call in with the company on this point).

But no worries as I can simply set up an opt in form, so when people give me their email address I can email them the course access info, one day at a time.

Now that can be fiddly but it’s not rocket science… I have a step-by-step guide, just follow along, again ‘no problem’….(oh how the god of fate hates it when I think ‘no problem’)

And this dear reader is where things get nasty!

So I build the page that talks about the course…. no problem (Fate glances over at me, her ears pricked at the sound of my confidence)

I build the form that collects the subscriber’s details … no problem (She is now full-on glaring at me as if my complacency is a personal insult )

Let’s make the form pop up on the screen at the click of a button …. no problem (at this point Fate is furious, my arrogance, my smug satisfaction, my stupid belief that I am in control is unacceptable to her, she needs to teach me a lesson, the hint of a thin smile of malevolence lightly forms on her face. Not quite yet she thinks, not quite yet.)

I have everything tied together, it has taken all day, but it is there and ready to test…. and all is good! (her cruel smile is evident now. Wait….wait…)

I go to the info page click the button, and the form pops up, ..good its working (the smile is now a full-on evil grin)

I get an email asking me to confirm my opt-in, there is a link to do so… and that takes me to a thank you page, good it’s wor….. NOOOOO! The chuffing form pops again, it should not do that! (she cackles with delight and claps her hands like a small child )

I close it down, it pops up again. I close it, it pops. I move to another page, it pops, I come out of the site, and back in… guess what? It chuffing pops!!!!…… (fate is beside herself with villainous glee, if she wore draws, she would be peeing them at this point.)

The long slog

The recovery was a long slog, every time I thought I had it, the chuffing pop-up…popped up!

In the end, I trashed the lot and started from scratch.

It was a painful process as I went through each step again, checking and double-checking.

But the result is that I now have a free course that you might find useful if you want to start your own affiliate business.

You can subscribe to the course here… FIRST STEPS IN AFFILIATE MARKETING,

And if you do sign up, please let me know how the process went, have I really killed the pop-up monster?

Until next time.


47 thoughts on “When the gods frown on you

  • Hi Tony

    Great post Tony. Glad you kept going… Great way to tell the story. I’ll opt-in.


    • Thanks for the encouragement

  • Hey Tony,
    I must say that is good stuff if you write all your blogs in story form like that you will not lack for readers. I hope I don’t run into “Fate” to often but if I do I hope to handle it as well as you. Look forward to your next post.

  • Hi Tony, loved your post! It really captures the essence of the slog to work through setting something new up. Love that you gave it a persona 🙂 Definitely had me laughing. Your site certainly has lots of pop ups…you have mastered the pop up skill! Looking forward to seeing the continued evolution of your business. Excellent progress!

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed the post.

  • Tom,

    Like how you did this in story format. Being in I.T. I can relate to the computer gremlins. They are chuckling as they go about changing and destroying things inside the computer. The love to see user pull their hair out and beat their heads on their desks.

    The good thing about these things is they are good learning experiences. Frustration and sometimes demoralizing but great for leaning.

    You have to let us know how it turns out.

    • Hi, thanks for this, yes I think I have it sorted now, but it was a huge learning curve.

  • This did make me giggle and yet I also felt your pain. They do say, don’t tell anyone your plan out loud….
    Well done for sorting it, even though it was a slog you must feel so proud of yourself. You will have learnt a lot more by going through that process. Not sure I would have stayed as calm or used the word chuffing 🤣
    Keep her in her place and I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.

    • Yes, well….. maybe the editor decided to change the text to “Chuffing”!

      Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement

  • Great post and I can relate. Uggghhh, technology and user error can be a demotivator. Thank you for persisting. I really am learning from your journey. In fact, I plan to reread your post right now for nuggets I may have missed. Cheers!

  • Sounds like something I can definitely relate to Tony!
    Going forward and not letting yourself be brought down is one great attitude to have – and to work on!
    Can’t wait to see you bring everything together and show us how to get it done!

    • Thanks Marc… we just have to keep going

  • Great persistence – it always pays off and the sense of achievement is always greater after overcoming so much difficulty. Well done.

    • Thanks Graham…. it was with a great sense of relief that it worked in the end.

  • Tony, that sounded very frustrating, but it’s great that you got through in the end. We often get hiccups, but I find that sometimes it’s easier to just scrap the whole thing and start again rather than trying to change 50 little things. I subscribed to your newsletter I got the emails I’ve got the confirmation. I then received two more emails each with links to a video. I revived the pdf and then the videos. Both videos play and so yes very successful it all works. Well done. Looks like you’ve put in a lot of work here and I look forward to watching these videos and happy to give you any feedback. It’s great to see that you’ve got the knowledge and ability to go ahead and do extra and it will pay you dividends. I am sure thanks, Atif

    • Thanks for the feedback, yes it was frustrating… and I have spotted a couple of minor issues… like you getting two training videos…. I set the second one to delay 1 minute instead of 1 day… now fixed!

  • Tony,
    What an enjoyable read! Your experience with Fate resonated with me. We’ve all been there—dealing with the frustration of things not going as planned and diving into troubleshoot mode. But oh, the sweet satisfaction when the problem is fixed! Cheers to overcoming challenges and finding that sense of accomplishment.

  • She looks like a dark elf to me. So her name is Fate?

    Don’t you worry. I think you have managed to tame Fate. I checked and I didn’t see Pop up popping up over and over again.

  • I will opt in and see if I have any challenges! Good on you for sticking to it! “Perseverance Furthers,” as the IChing says.

  • HI Tony,

    I really liked your post. It was very creative and entertaining to read. Almost like a comic book. Wow. I never though of that. Its great how out of the struggles you had with the platform, you took came out with a great post.
    It almost reminded me at the Batman series from the 60’s with the animated fighting!

    • Thanks so much and I am glad you liked it

  • Well done Tony for persevering. I am in awe of what you are building. I don’t think I could ever be as creative as this. I am not at this stage yet but after a lifetime of working in the IT industry I can empathise with your frustrations at the fickleness of software. Keep it up and I look forward to following your progress.

  • Sometimes the best way forward is indeed backward. It’s so satisfying when things work, but especially frustrating when I think I’ve done everything right and it’s just not working, and I can’t find any answers through a google search. Often then only way to fix it is just start over, and try something different.

    Good job not giving up.

  • Entertaining post. I relate as I am currently confused as to why my wordpress site does not update and so it depends on which device I use to open it as to which version of the website will show up. I have no idea why it keeps doing that. But, it is an evil grin the WordPress gods have on me. I don’t care for WordPress but that seems to be the blog of choice. I wish it was super easy to use but it isn’t. There always seems to be a glitch. So, I relate to the frustration. The good news is that you were able to get it all going! I am still in the muddy waters trying to figure out what’s wrong with my website.

    Cool read,
    Steph G

    • Sorry to hear you are going through troubles. I think it could be the cache that is storing a local version of your site, so try opening g it in a private browser tab. I am sure you will get there in the end.All the best and thanks for the comment

  • Tony
    Great Read! You have a great writing skill as well! The more you work with computers the more you will get to experience a relationship with Fate, and they said AI was a new thing!

  • Tony, I love the way you wrote this. You should be a fiction writer. I was smiling ear to ear as I read Fate’s commentary! If it makes you feel better, I, too, ran into problems when I created my opt-in funnel; in fact, when I checked it, every step failed. Let’s say I spent many hours at the mercy of the help center! But congratulations, you did it!!! Now it’s time to celebrate 🕺!!!!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Alison, and well done to you too. It can be so frustrating, but so satisfying when we finally get it

  • Tony, this is a good post as it reminds us that there will be times when we will have technology issues no matter how experienced we are and that moving forward as you have done, we will achieve.

  • Maybe consider a sideline business of writing fantasy fiction! I would read it. I too am having some issues in that same area, but not so ‘deep’ as yours, at least so far. It is encouraging to know that I am not alone in this! Look forward to your next post!

  • Hi Tony, Ahh brilliant read!…I love the way you articulate! Your post is a perfect example of how things can and will from time to time go wrong. Great explanation with humour to boot about how you kept working to resolve it, in the end scrapping the whole thing and starting again….There lies the meaning of success, not giving up! I love it. I talk of this very thing in my latest post
    I look forward to reading your next post!
    Have a great week Tony

    • Karen, I took a look at your blog, excellent! I have to say, I was really impressed with the positivity and upbeat message about staying motivated and being prepared to sacrifice for your future

  • Tony that was AWESOME! Such a great read! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time
    And oh so true….how fate loves to mess with us…I am glad you finally got it worked out.
    I look forward to following your success to the big FORTY!!

    • Jim, thanks so much for stopping by, and for the encouragement

  • Hey Tony, this is the first time I’ve stumbled across your site… and I’m so glad I did. You had me chuckling a but as I was reading. I can’t help but laugh because I too have been there, done that. I am setting up my affiliate marketing business too and I have had similar problems, I was infected with a pop up monster too, haha. I look forward to reading more of your journey.

    • Lauren, I don’t want to be mean or unkind, but I am so glad that you had the same issues and it was not just me that Fate had it in for :0)

      Did you manage to tame the monster?

      Do let me know how you are getting on with your Affiliate Journey. Do you have a blog. if so do let me know as I would love to have a visit

  • Perfect description of the mindset needed to move forward and not get deterred by bumps in the road. You know the saying, the most successful people are the ones who fails the most 😉

    • Thank you Katrin, its not the failing that stops people earning online, its the giving up, thanks for the encouragement.

  • Sometimes when we try to make our first steps at a new project and it’s going nowhere, it’s better to throw away everything and start over with our lessons learned. Like when Windows freezes and no longer responds to your queries, restarting the computer often solve the issue. You made me laugh with your pop-ups. The role of a pop-up is precisely to do just that, to pop-up. I think that yours took its role a little too happily. 😂

    • Yes indeed it did! Chuffing thing just would not stay down! Thanks for the comment

  • Great read Tony!
    Love how you could pull me in with your story of Fate, it was like I could see the little episode in my head! SO glad you got it worked out and it was for the better as you could write a course with it.
    Look forward to your next posts!

  • Hey Tony, I love the way you bring the reader into your story and help them really “see” things they way you are experiencing them. You have me looking forward to reading more!

    • Michael, thanks for the encouragement, I am hoping my next blog will be a little less harrowing!

  • hey Tony,
    I am not laughing as I haven’t completed the task yet, so not sure what is waiting for me.
    But from the other side, after you have done it a second time from scratch you have a better understanding of the process.
    Do you know what caused the problem, or just by doing it again you didn’t come across it?

    Have a good day!

    • Hi Tom

      I have no idea what the problem was, I suspect I clicked some sort of keep it popping option, but what or where is beyond me.

  • DAvid I wanted to thank you for your comment… but alas I think she have seen your comment about puttin her in her place… so can only imagine what she will do now!! Never temot Fate! Seriously thogh, thanks for the encouragement

  • Tony, I really enjoyed the read and I could personally see Fate’s smile and hear her laughter as I too have experienced her in the past…LOL You truly perserved and put her back in her place for now. Learning new things is a must, but completing the task is part of the journey to Success!


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